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Urban Encroachment on Farmland (Sprawl)

No description

Jennifer T.

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of Urban Encroachment on Farmland (Sprawl)

What is "Urban Encroachment on Farmland"?
cities/towns areas are expanding on farmland, and taking away space for farms to produce crops.
Basic Information
- 80% of people are living in urban areas

- more space
Urban Encroachment On Farmland (Sprawl)
- less work
-more enjoyable time
-takes more time
-more money/costly
-killing environment for future users
- creating more obese
-health goes down
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- ONLY 5% of Canada's land can produce food
- Canada changed 5.04% urbanely
-Urban communities use more than 7,400 square kilometers (three times of Prince Edward Island)
What Can We Do To Help?
-ride bike
-buy less cars (reuse)
-listen to radios
-read newspaper
-plant trees
-eat locally
-use less EVERYTHING
Around Us..
A Northern Virginia housing development encroaches on farmland. Population growth and relocation is threatening rural environments across the world
- The Golden Horseshoe region that is surrounding Toronto once had beautiful class 1 soil but with the population of the urban communities that soil has been paved over to build verities of stores, malls, and houses.
-more of what you want
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