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Ancient Sumer

No description

joshua Satlof

on 4 December 2015

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Transcript of Ancient Sumer

Ancient Sumer
3500 BCE
+2014CE= 5514 years ago
Stable Food Supply
A complex must have a stable food supply
Complex Irrigation System

The Plow
Made planting much faster and more productive
Social Structure
Different Jobs and Social Levels
Top= Priests, Landowners,Government Officials
Lived at edge of city
Mud brick houses
also worked on irrigation system
forced to serve in the army
Merchants and Artisans
worked with metals: bronze,copper,lead,copper,silver,gold
made swords, arrow\heads, plows, hoes,jewelery, mirrors
Bottom: Slaves
Ruled by Kings
Kings Chosen by God
Enforced Laws and Collected Taxes
Built Ziggurats(Temples)
Led Army
Professional Soldiers
Temporary Citizen Soldiers
Drove Chariots
Scribes - Helped record laws
Patrolled Canals
Governors ruled outlying towns
Set of Beliefs
Form of Worship
Religion was a part of everyday life
Sumerians tried to please their gods

Bound the people together in a common way of life

Build Temples called Ziggurats
The Arts
Potters Wheel
Added strength and Beauty
Music, Metal workers, Architects,
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