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No description

Sarah Mahfood

on 9 September 2015

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Transcript of Family

A family is the most prominent influence in a child's life.
Ones family helps form ones personality and values.
A family is always there when you need them and they never judge you.
They help form your morals and introduce you to religion and social aspects of society.
The most important value of a family is love and the will to do anything to help them achieve their goals regardless of hereditary relations.njjnfaskjfdsfasdffdsfcvfda
Values of Family
Impact of Family in Life
What is Family?
Is Conflict Inevitable in Family?
Importance of Family
No matter what kind of family you have they all have one major thing in common, they are all caring. For a family to be successful they must be loyal, Strong familes are always loyal and they always stand together whether thick or thin. They must be able to learn because growing you learn all your values and skills from your family. Probably the most important is love, love is the heart of the family and it is where family members look for closeness and a sense of belonging. You need laughter to make family time enjoyable you need leadership because each family follows a set of rules and guidlines which shows what kind of values they have. A strong family needs to be commited because if you arent commited to the people who are your blood you cant be commited to anything else. Last but not least a family needs to communicate. A family needs to communicate with one another whether it be about something serious or just small conversation.
What Makes a Family Successful
What makes a Famiy fail
What can we learn from family.
Family is the people related to you, all the descendents from a common ancestor. However some people might define it differently.
A family can also be a unit of people that care for each other and take care of one another and live together as a unit
Conflict is inevitable in families because families consist of different people with numerous beliefs, religious ideas and cultural backgrounds especially when your family member has married someone who is "different" from you or your original.

Conflict is unavoidable in a family because each person has a different personality and idea of things, often it will clash with someone who doesn't believe the same ideas.

Conflict can also be caused among elder family members or even younger siblings because of the fact that not everything is fair and they may feel as though they are being unfairly treated.

What happens when you give up on family?

Family doesn't have to refer to people who are blood related, but people who are endlessly there for you. When you give up on them you may give up on the people who would practically do anything for you no matter what they may put you through.

What does family mean to us?

No one ever starts a family with idea that its not going to last, but unfortunatley some familes fail there are about four common reasons why families tend to fall apart. The First being poor communication, if a family can communicate properly they can't do anything. They wont have the ability to solve problems when they come up. Another major problem is financial problem. Families tend to fall apart when someone run into financial problem because they either have debt for someone in the family. Another major one is lack of commitment, if you arent commited to the ones that you the most and that will always be there for you then something is bond to go wrong and last but not least surprisingly are family business. Family business tend to go wrong because in business people always ten to have different ideas which lead to arguments.
Family molds us into the people we are today or soon to be. We are trained to become responsible adults by observing the actions of the family we have around us. This is why its critical at a young age to have good parents as role models to set positive examples for us and to steer us off the path of destruction when we are leaning against it. They are our personal support group who gives us that extra push and support when going through difficult times of distress in our life.

The Confusion of Family and Family Life with Maya

Maya's family life didn't have the real common things like a mother and a father she had what was basically a surrogate mother but not much of a father figure. Reason being none of her parents wanted to have to deal with taking care of two little children so they were shipped off to their grandmother.

She never knew what it was like to have a father. When Maya met her father she was in awe at this strange man that has just come out of no where and when she recived gifts and a letter form her biological parents confused and angered her as to why theyre only writing now and why they sent them away. She had been trying to figure out what could she have done wrong why they didn't want her or her brother.
Family means not giving up on the people that were apparently put in your life for a reason, doing everything you can to help them and to have the mutual best interest at heart. Family isn't always blood and doesn't have to be. Family means having people that will always be there for you no matter what. Family can mean strength but it can also mean weakness. To some family is the world and to others they're just people that you're biologically related to and ranges from the best to the worst because everyone's family situation is different.
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