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No description

Joe Grabowski

on 10 September 2017

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Transcript of May

Exploring by the Seat of Your Pants
Mission 31
Jeremy Hansen
Huw James
Jean Pennycook
Pall Davidson
Nizar Ibrahim
Andrea Marshall
Mystery Skype
Google Hangouts/Hangouts on Air


Exploring by the Seat of
Your Pants
National Geographic Grosvenor Teacher Fellow
National Geographic: Explorer Classroom
Mike Libecki
Paul Salopek
World Ocean's Day Event
12 hours, 26 speakers from 5 continents and over 10,000 students taking part.
Inspired Minds Learning Project
Opening the World - BGAN
Asha de Vos
Blue Holes National Park
Celebrating Amazing Women in Science and Exploration
Coming Up
Sharks4Kids Shark Week April 10th-13th

Celebrating Biodiversity May 23rd

Exploring Oceans by the Seat of Your Pants 2
Canada C3
BGAN Coming Up
Clipperton Atoll
On Call Hangouts
2017 National Geographic
Emerging Explorer
Big Idea Challenge
We're introducing the Big Idea Challenge. Your job is to take a look around your community and identify a problem, maybe it's unique to your community or perhaps it has global impacts. Now it's time to create an action plan to tackle the problem. Don't just find a way solve the problem, but search for a way to make a difference through your solution. Who knows where your Big Idea can take you!
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