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Selective Breeding - Man's Best Friend

How humans have selectively bred dogs for specific jobs

Beth Topinka

on 17 February 2014

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Transcript of Selective Breeding - Man's Best Friend

Why are dogs referred to as
"Man's Best Friend"
Selective Breeding
The breeding of a male and a female based on the most desirable traits of each parent
As we watch video clips,
fill out your organizer
Check off boxes for key traits.

Fill in additional information about a dog's
that help it do its job. Example: flexible spine

Also write down any

(instincts) that help a dog do its job
Examples: sight stalking, chasing
Sled Dog
Brainstorm different ways that dogs help people
So how did we end up with over 170 different dog breeds?
Dogs and Wolves share a now-extinct common ancester that lived over 9,000 years ago
What animal did all dogs descend from?
Border Collie
Selective Breeding must be done very carefully and responsibly.

What problems do you think could occur if close relatives are cross-bred?
This class is going to the dogs!
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