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Global Warming Evidence

No description

Lisa Weiss

on 7 May 2017

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Transcript of Global Warming Evidence

Arguments against global warming.
The fact that people still argue against global warming is amazing.
Even with all the evidence right in front of them, they still argue with a fervor that borders on idealist.
We must agree if we are to act
and we must act now.
Global warming evidence

CO2 levels are at an all time high and have skyrocketed since 1950
the acidity of the surface ocean has increased 30% since the industrial revolution
This is likely a cause of increased CO2 intake by the oceans.
Rising temperatures
Temperatures rise when CO2 levels rise.
The top ten hottest years on record took place in the past twelve years.
There has been a large increase in heat fueled disasters like hurricanes and heat waves
Diseases have begun spreading north

Melting glaciers
Glaciers are retreating across the entire world
ice sheets are melting rapidly
The Arctic is melting rapidly and so is Greenland
Interestingly though, the amount of sea ice in Antarctica has increased. Likely due to cold water from melted land ice.
Arguments: natural climate change.
This argument states that if climates have heated in the past, how do we know they aren't just changing now?
Temperatures are higher than they have ever been in the past as stated earlier.
Another argument that fits into this section is that really, rising temperatures cause CO2 levels to rise and not the other way around
As the graph shows once CO2 is added to the heating process it will heat much faster
Arguments: invalid data
Another argument is that the data scientists are showing us is cherry picked
Global warming data is coming to us from every branch of science
Diseases spread further north and growing seasons lengthen
Another argument that fit this category is that since data is from urban places the results are skewed
Scientists have sensors in places all around the world and even in space, and they are all detecting global warming.
Other arguments
The sun is getting hotter.
The Earth is actually cooling.
Global warming was made up to make Al Gore money (it probably cost him a lot to pay off all the scientists so that they will give false readings)
Global warming is the strengthening of the greenhouse effect by human fossil fuels releasing CO2 to the extent where the earth overheats
There is evidence that this is happening
There is a group of people that denies this evidence
It is important that we agree on this subject
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http://www.debate.org/opinions/is-global-climate-change-man-made, Is global climate change man-made?, November 23,2013.
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