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Country Project

Division 19

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of Philipines

Facts About The Philippines
The capital of Philipine is Manila.The Philipine is located on the continent of Asia.The official languages of the Philipine are Pilipno (Filipno) and English the population of the Philipine is 103 million people.The Religons are catholic, protestant, Muslim, and Buddhist.
what's for dinner in the Philippines? almost always rice. Fish and green vegetables are usually eaten with the rice,with some fruit for dessert. Sometimes meat such as pork , beef , chicken , goat , and even dog ( in rural areas) is cooked. A favorite treat is a banana-Q( ripe bananas on a stick , fried in brown sugar).
Bamboo is used to make instruments. It is made into flutes and pipes , drums, castanets , and xylophones.
Cockfighting or sabong, is a popular spectator sport in the Philipines. Hundreds of people watch and place bets on two roosters fight, usually to the death.
Offical languages
pilipino ( filipino ) and English
is 103, 775, 002 people
The location ( what continent it's on: it's Asia
By, Jomark Agloro and thanks for watching !
Although most Filipinos wear the same kind of clothing that people wear in Europe or North America.
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