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Andrea Paper

No description


on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of Andrea Paper

By Andrea
The History of paper
Class 4 th
Teacher Miss Voss
Clay Tablets In 3,500 BC
In 3,500 BC clay tablets were Invented. When people had clay the first thing that people did was form the shape that they needed, The second step was write in it wen it was still wet. If it wasn't wet you couldn't anything because the clay was hard. People used clay tablets because people drawed themselves and things about there culture. The impact was that some people couldn't hear or talk so they communicate by clay tablets. Clay tablets were the first step to help people write.
Pypyrus paper In 3,000
In 3,000 BC the second type of paper was invented. The papyrus paper is a type of grass that grows in Egypt. People used papyrus paper because they wanted something easier to write on and to make. The first step was get the grass and wet it, The next step was knit the grass and then people had a papyrus paper. people agreed in the papyrus paper because it was easier to write on and easier to make. The papyrus paper helped people practicing a lot with the hand. The papyrus paper was a good change for everyone.
parchment paper in 150 BC
In 150 people started using parchment paper. The reason people started using parchment paper was because they wanted a different way to write on. The parchment paper paper was made of animal skin, specially the cows, sheep's, and goat skin. people agreed on parchment paper because you could write in everything for example let say that someone needed a page of a book to write on and any store was open, you could use the parchment paper. People used parchment paper for notes, pages of a book, codex, or manuscript. People agreed in the parchment paper because the animals were easy to find in Europe and in Asia. Parchment paper was a great thing for everyone.

T' sai Lun paper in 100 BC
The fourth paper Invented was T'Sailun paper and it was a great impact for everyone. The T'sailun paper was made from mulberry bark and with little of clothes. People named the paper T'sailun because the person who invented it was called T'sailun. He was from China. People started making paper because they wanted something more easier to write on. People needed something to write on to represent them for example, If people were in a war they needed to drawing to represent them. Everyone agreed in the paper because they needed it for really important occasions. The fourth paper invented was a great impact for everyone.

Machine paper in 1,700 AC
In 1,700 AC people started to make paper machines. People started disagreeing because making paper by hand too hard and it cost a lot of money to make the paper, so people invented the machine. Now people make paper with leaves. The impact was that it helped people make paper more easier and faster so it doesent cost a lot of money. Using machines was a great way to make paper. Who knows, maybe theres going to be a machine in the future.


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