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Chris McCandless & Everett Russe

The journey between these two characters in the novel "Into the Wild"

Rachel Byun

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Chris McCandless & Everett Russe

4) Both Chris and Everett desired to go out and be separated from society * "...he arranged all his paper currency in a pile on the sand - a pathetic little stack of ones and fives and twenties - and put a match to it. One hundred twenty-three dollars in legal tender was promptly reduced to ash and smoke." (29)
* "...Everett withdrew from an organized society, [and had] disdain for worldly pleasures..." (95) -> Everett symbolized the reality that was hard for the general public to comprehend
--> When Chris's story was published, people went crazy and called Chris an idiot for what he did * "Much of the negative mail was sent by Alaskans"
-> "Alex is a nut..." (71) - resident of Healy
-> "Personally I see nothing positive at all about Chris McCandless..." (71) - Correspondent So... Why did Jon Krakauer include Everett in this novel? Why did Jon Krakauer place Everett's story in the MIDDLE of the book? 1) By the time the reader gets to the middle of the book, they already have judged Chris
- Krakauer laid out most of the facts and then he put in Everett's story to hopefully be able to change your viewpoints
2) Used to show the reality of the fact that he wasn't the only person to go on a journey alone
- Krakauer tried to shape your bias despite what he said in the preface Claim: Jon Krakauer included the journey of Everett Ruess to create a parallel with the journey of Chris McCandless as a basis of the human desire to separate oneself from society and material possessions. By: Sung Byun 1) Changed their name
- "... he was now Alexander Supertramp..." (23)
- "...upon embarking on his terminal odyssey, Ruess adopted a new name..." (93)
2) Carved their name at their location
- "...Chris McCandless inscrib[ed] 'Alexander Supertramp/May 1992' on the wall of the Sushana bus..." (89)
- "...twenty-year-old Everett Ruess carved his nom de plume in to the canyon wall..." (89) 3) Followed their dreams

" 'Everett was strange,' Sleight concedes. 'Kind of different. But him and McCandless, at least they tried to follow their dream. That's what was great about them. They tried. Not many do.' " (96) Parallels between Chris and Everett Parallels between Chris and Everett February 12, 1968 - August 18, 1992 The Journey of Chris McCandless Left in July of 1990 March 28, 1914 - November ??, 1934 The Journey of Everett Ruess October 1990 - January 1991
Central America September 1990
Carthage, South Dakota Died on August 18, 1992 Left for His First Solo Trip
Summer of 1930 End of Summer of 1930
Returned from Trip February 1931
On the Road November 11, 1934
Went up to Davis Gulch Died sometime in November 1934 What's your opinion on McCandless and his journey? Parallels between Chris and Everett To emphasize that Chris wasn't the only one April 28, 1992
Arrived at Stampede Trail (Jim Gallien)
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