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The Queensland flood of 2013, traveled across Queensland and

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shannen smith

on 1 September 2013

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Transcript of The Queensland flood of 2013, traveled across Queensland and

Queensland Flooding 2013.
Social impacts

Thousands of homes,businesses,roads,bridges and services have been destroyed
because of the cyclone weather.
6 people died and thousands of people have been left injured.
The necessary evacuation of 70 patients from the Bundaberg hospital.
339 State and non‐State schools closed.

2013-Queensland flood.
The Queensland flood of 2013, traveled across Queensland and new south wales Australia. Causing major impacts to the cities... windstorms,flooding,and flooding.
This is the flood prediction map from January earlier this year, this will have been broadcasted on the news to warn people n Ipswich, Goodna and Brisbane about when
the peak of the storms and flooding will
be taking place.
Environmental Damage.
In just four days Gladstone
received 819.8 mm of rain.
More than 390,000 homes and
businesses across Queensland lost power.
Lost coal production was 3.5 million tonnes.5845 kms of State roads closed
2800 kms (39%) of State rail network closed.

Economic impacts
overall there was around
$2.4 billion Australian dollars worth of damage.

By 30 January 2013, the Insurance Council of Australia had reported an insurance loss of $187 million and this is rising quickly.

The red cross helped over 3700 people that were tragically part of the floods. Many people also faced health issues with their water supplies contaminated with sewage that has entered the pipes...
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