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why do betta fish change colors?

No description

Amy Zwicker

on 14 March 2011

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Transcript of why do betta fish change colors?

Why are Betta Fish so Colorful and Why do They Change Colors?
Prezi by Amy Zwicker cellophane: basically has no color. Solid colors: white opaque: solid white. yellow: also known as "non-red"all yellows also carry one of the three iridescent color (steel, royal or green). orange: solid, a bit more red than what an orange would look like, maybe more like a dark tangerine color. red: some black pigment on the body giving them more of a bicolor look. steel blue: this is one of the three iridescent colors. royal blue: iridescent color, darker and looks purple best see under a flashlight. green iridescent color impossible to detect without a flashlight. turquoise: a speckled blue green. copper: true colors only come out when the light shines on them! butterfly (BF): The body is solid color while the fins are divided in two separate color bans. half of the fin is one color and the other half another color. chocolate: the body is dark and the fins are yellow or golden orange. Bi-colors: -2 colors Betas with patterns They change to ether to show their feelings and to also hide from their enimies, like other betta fish, because betta fish fight to the death,which means they will try to kill each other.
They also change to show what they are about to do, or being stressed by bad water quality or temperature changes. another butterfly betta fish “A lot has to do that most betta's are baby's in the store and a few months old so I would say that since the fish is getting older its just getting its last of the colors in. I had a betta that was bluish red with a red tail and by the time I had him for a year his tail turned light red with the edges turning white.”
- beaglersonthego. They do change color but only in variations of their natural color.
They don't change from color to color like red to blue, but instead either gets paler or more vibrant Female bettas will change color depending on their mood:
also, when they mate their stripes actually turn vertical versus the normal horizontal. Do bettas sometimes change colors temporarily? YES. When?
When a betta is scared or stressed: Fear will cause bettas to turn pale until the fear subsides. This defense would allow a betta to "blend" in better with its environment, allowing it to hopefully escape his predator. A sudden change of environment will cause a betta to become pale, until the adverse conditions subside. they will turn white or paler if :
water is under 78 degrees
sick or not feeling well
geting older or to the end of it's life
dying :( Colors
Betta fish have been officially named "The Jewel of the Orient" due to their beauty and wide range of colors such as:
bright blue with pink highlights
true white (the "Opaque" not to be confused with albino)
royal blue
steel blue
turquoise green
or platinum. scientists and other people will breed the fish sometimes mixing colors and types to create new colors and brands of bettas. solid colors: Once upon a time bettas were all brownish uneventful little fishies. But those days are long gone! The original wild bettas were mainly very dull with shades of gray, green, and brown, and the iridescent colors (steel blue, royal blue, and green) which we love so much on bettas, were limited to only a few spots here and there. Now bettas come in almost every color you can possibly imagine! And even some you can't!! Because of the intensive genetic manipulation bettas have been subjected to, many betta colors have been created. Bibliography

Fish Tank FAQ –Bettas
Healthy Betta Fish “Your one stop Betta care resource”
www.wikipedia.com a red and white bi-color betta fish iridecent colors:
steel blue, royal blue, or green Thank you for watching!
Any questions?
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