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Internal Combustion Engine Timeline

No description

Chris Messina

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Internal Combustion Engine Timeline

Internal Combustion Engine By: Chris Messina 1600 1800 1700 1900 2000 1680 Christian Huygens designs the first internal combustion engine 1807 Nicephore Niepce makes a homemade combustion engine and uses it in a boat. 1859 Jean Joseph Lenoir makes a reliable two stroke engine for use on a carriage. This inspires other inventors to try to make combustion engines. 1870 Julius Hock makes the first gas powered engine. 1877 Nikolaus Otto invents the four stroke engine. 1895 George Selden patents the horseless carriage with an internal combustion engine. This sparks the start of American car companies. 1885 Daimler and Maybach create the first prototype motorcycle with an internal combustion engine. 1885 The first gas pump is installed in Fort Wayne, Indiana. 1888 Bertha and Karl Benz take the first long distance trip with an internal combustion engine. This shows their reliability. 1889 Daimler invents a new V-shaped engine that is more powerful. 1893 The Duryea brothers are the first americans to manufacture a gas powered car. 1896 Fredrick Lanchester started putting carburetors on cars. 1898 Rudolf Diesel invents the diesel engine. These engines were much more fuel efficient. 1903 The Wright Brothers used an internal combustion engine to make the first successful airplane. 1908 Henry Ford introduced the model T. It was the most popular car on the road at the time. 1914 Cadillac creates the first V8 engine. The U.S. army purchased 2000 for WWI. 1925 The American highway system starts using standardized numbers instead of names. 1950 Francesco De Virilo invents the V6 engine for Lancia to cut down on vibration. 1970 Paul Deiges patents the hydrogen powered internal combustion engine. 1957 Felix Wankel invented the rotary engine.
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