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Cultural Adjustment

No description

Suyenti Gunawan

on 9 August 2011

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Transcript of Cultural Adjustment

Cultural Adjustment Your experience overseas clues you are no longer home What is Culture? We have to acknowledge that:
You have a culture
The other country has a culture
Some things will be familiar to you
Some things will be different for you Iceberg as an analogy of culture Your experiences will vary in level of intensity and depth of meaning The differences you find challenge you to Adjust. From Gary Weaver in Culture, Communication and Conflict: Readings in Intercultural Relations Culture Shock
Usually triggered by a series of “incidents” that are confusing and different from your home culture.

Highlights the reality that you don’t understand or “control” your world

Has the symptoms of shock. (sickness, depression, worry, life disruption etc.) Overall symptoms of Culture Shock Anxiety
Confusion Self-doubt
Feelings of Inadequacy
Unexplained fits of weeping
Physical ailments and  psychosomatic illnesses The Stages of Cultural Adjustment varies in experience for each individual When you face incidents or continual adjustments

....It's time to use D.I.E. Describe, Interpret, Evaluate
Practice scenarios

While the scenarios may not be of the countries you are going to, they illustrate the types of challenge you may expect.

Peer mentors will guide your small group to read and discuss scenarios that illustrate cultural incidents.

Organize into groups for 5-10 minute exercise Before you know it, it’s time to come home! ?
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