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Cartoon capers Dance Yr 7

No description

lauren kennedy

on 26 January 2015

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Transcript of Cartoon capers Dance Yr 7

Today we are going to perfect our dance!
LO1: Demonstrate technical skill in the five basic body actions, such as jumping, turning, gesturing, balancing and turning
(can you make your actions big and exaggerated!)

* How can we grade these?
Adding a bit of personalization to the set material

LO3: Using the set material compose a short duet that communicates two friends being chased.
Let's get recapping!
Visual feedback
The best way to get an idea of how we are doing is if we can actually see ourselves!

Join with another pair and give them your IPad so they can film your performance!

Watch your finished performance back and listen to the feedback from your partners watching.

Swap over.
Practise and refining
LO2: To be able to give feedback to a partner, which focuses on technical skill, dynamic contrasts, clarity of shape, musicality and expression.
Cartoon capers Dance Yr 7
How can we grade these?
Don't panic we will break this down!
Time to practise and refine the performance with a partner
Help each other improve performance by giving feedback on:
technical skill, dynamic contrasts, clarity of shape, musicality and expression.
Rehearse, practise, refine!
Creating your own movement pattern
* In pairs can you make three cartoon freeze frames:

*One of you could be the chaser
*Leading your partner to safety
* Helping each other up from the floor
*Looking out for your self, getting ahead of your partner
Can we link these three freeze frames
together with movement?
Finally can you fit those movements into are dance performance!?
We end the performance on the floor remember...

Can you now from using your three movements. To create an 8 beat extension to the performance?
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