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Intro. to Poetry 4th Grade

No description

Liana Avakians

on 13 April 2013

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Transcript of Intro. to Poetry 4th Grade

Foundation CLOSURE What is poetry?
A type of literature that expresses ideas, feelings, or tells a story in a specific form (usually using lines and stanzas). Intro to poetry 2) What are the 4 types of
poetry? Objective: Identify
different types of
poetry. 1) What is poetry? POETRY CAN BE USEFUL EVERYWHERE TYPES OF POETRY 3) How do we identify the 4 types
of the poetry? Haiku Cinquain Rhyming Concrete * Form of Japanese Poetry.
* 3 line poem: 5-7-5 syllables.
*Lines rarely rhyme.

The football pitch
Is waiting for me-
Who's got the ball? * 5 line poem
Line 1: one word
Line 2: two words
Line 3: three words
Line 4: four words
Line 5: one words Example Dinosaures
Lived once,
Long Ago, but
Only dust and dreams
Remain *contains rhyming words.
*Words that sound the
same at the ends.
My cat is Nice. A
My cat likes mice. A
My cat is fat. B
I like my cat. B

My cat is nice. A
My cat is fat. B
My cat likes mice. A
I like my cat. B * No boundaries
*meaning is conveyed through its graphic shape or pattern on the printed page.

Example Stanza: is a set of lines in a poem, set apart from other sets of lines by space.

rhym: is the repetition of words that sound similar.
For exmaple: cook, book, look, etc. Haiku A giant firefly:
that way, this way, that way, this --
and it passes by.
by Issa (1762-1826) It’s cold—and I wait
For someone to shelter me
And take me from here. Cinquain Spaghetti

Messy, spicy

Slurping, sliding, falling

Between my plate and mouth

Delicious Castle

Strong, beautiful

Imposing, protecting, watching

Symbolizes wealth and power

Fortress Rhyming Spiders spiders everywhere
Spiders spiders in your hair
You might see a spider chasing a mouse
You might see a spider running around your house. Spiders sitting in a bunch
You wouldn’t see one in a bowl of punch
They’ll freak you out
Without a doubt. Concrete 3
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