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No description

Devan Berger

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of Soccer

By: Devan Berger
Offense is the part of the field that you play on the other teams side, and try to score a goal.
Its also one of the funnest in my opinion.
There is 2 or sometimes 3 offense players
These players are called forwards.
Defense players defend there side of the field and try not to let the other team score.
This is a hard position to play, so are the other ones this one is just not my position.

This position is a very hard position, you have to stop the shots taken from the other team on your goal, this is a different from all the other positions in soccer.
im not a big fan of this position.
Different types of postions in soccer
Mid-field is the part os the feild that you play on both sides and you try to score and defend youyr side of the field.
You can play right side, or left side, or you can play middle.
There is three mid-field players, sometimes four.
Cleats are the type of shoes you wear in soccer, and they have spikes/cleats on the bottom of the shoe, they help you get grip
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