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my family

No description

lee-anna maharaj

on 13 May 2011

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Transcript of my family

my family at the airport when we are going to trinidad my brother by my grandma in trinidad dad off loading the cow the cows name is suzie my auntie pulling the cow the cow is a girl my auntie is laughing my auntie is crazy like me my aunt named roma my dad and my grandma bathing the cow my uncle likes to hold the cow my uncles name is ramish this is my cusin pooja i call her chunk a lucks this is my cusin bradly and my brother this is my cusin pooja and me in these 2 pictures my grandma
was having prays these are all my cusins in trinidad only darius my other cusin is missing by lee-anna this is my cusin darius ps...... ps.................. i am not done yet these are the shoes i wore for my grandma prays they are so pretty auntie lisa bought these for me this is a picture from the beach this is the t&t sirit the t&t stands for trinidad and tobago ach when we went to the be the waves were to stong it is called curent this is my dad with my brother in the water when the big wave came this is also my auntie and me in the water when the big wave came all of us fell over bord these are my flip flops they are more safer than the ones i came with this is my aunt her name is mechelle that picture was taking in tobago airport by lee-anna by lee-anna i even drank water dont get me started with the water this is my aunt laughing
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