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No description

kim canfield

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of Dietitian

Job Outlook:
expected to increase
20% by 2020 Dietitian/Nutritionist California State University
Purdue University
University of Austin Texas
University of Cincinnati
UNC Chapel Hill
Eastern Michigan University
University of Pittsburgh Fringe Benefits Courses? Food chemistry
Food safety
Research methods in nutrition
Food service management Bachelor degree is required.
There is a lot of training They make: 53, 250 a year that's 25.60 an hour!!!! Time? They work 40 hours a week and may need to work on weekends. Education They:
Explain nutritional issues so that patients can understand them.

Assess the needs of the patients

Evaluate the effects of the new meal plans

Talk to groups about there relationship with food and good/ bad eating habits

Keep up with the latest nutritional research FUN FACTS Health Educator more than just experts about food. By: Kimberly Canfield What they do: Colleges Perks of the job Location of employment: Vacation
Health insurance
retirement plans

Varies on where you work Great benefits
Help people Hospitals
Nursing Homes
Doctors Office
Self employed Bibliography

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Georgia: 76,000
Illinois: 73, 000
Maryland: 75,000
Michigan:72,000 Massachusetts 80,000 Mississippi 82,000 New York 84,000
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