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Graduation Project

No description

Nick Mason

on 10 December 2010

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Transcript of Graduation Project

cxv Bui Car Audio Research Paper Thesis Audio systems have progressed from being strictly home-bound radios to complex car audio systems, and this progression has influenced modern society’s increase of audio consumption. Why I Chose This Topic Interested in music Enjoy working on vehicles Expand my knowledge of the subject History First radio wave lengths were used by the military People started playing records over the open airways Invention of the radio put music in the home Popularity grew and demand for mobile audio became great Major Points Massive Growth in Technology Over the Years Mobile Audio's Impact on American Society Impacts

Provides Jobs Effects our Moods Blends Culture Product
Build and Install a Custom Speaker enclosure hi Materials

MDF Board

Wood Glue


Plexi Glass

Measurer Learning Stretch

Never worked with The tools needed

Shape of the Enclosure

No Installation Experience Problems EncounteredWhile Working on Product

Bad Cuts

Ran Out of Materials

Lack of light Mentor Difficulties Finding A Reliable Mentor He is a Great Teacher! Process Get Measurements of Truck Layout Plan for Shape and Dimensions Build Frame for Stability Measure Cut and Apply Faces Wire Truck Put Speakers in Box Install in Truck Mr. Ron Civils Self Growth T i m e M a n a g e m e n t Organization Self Confidence Are There Any Questions?
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