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Minority institutions in the Danish-German border region

Account of relevant institutions that represent, relate to the minorities in the Danish-German border region.

Tobias Koch

on 16 January 2015

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Transcript of Minority institutions in the Danish-German border region

Minority Institutions in the Danish German border region Bonn-Copenhagen declaration 1955: official recognition of the respective minorities in the border region Institutional pre-conditions 1. Central organization
2. Umbrella organizations
3. Political organizations
4. Cultural organizations
Sinti and Roma
5. Economic Sector Institutions Structure 1. Central organization 2. Umbrella organizations 3. Political institutions SSW - Südschleswigscher Wählerverband founded in 1948 as the political representation for the Danish minority in Schleswig and the national Frisians in Nordfriesland
the SSW observes social and political developments in Scandinavia and aims at incorporating them in Schleswig-Holsteins politics
represented in the federal states parliament in Kiel since 1947
following § 6 Abs. 6 BWahlG, the parliamentary 5 % threshold does not apply towards the SSW
check: http://www.ssw.de
and for the SSW Youth: http://www.http://sswungdom.de/SSWU____DE/Willkommen.html SSF - Sydslesvigsk Forening endowed in 1920
active on the humanitarian field, as well as on the political, represented by the SSW (Südschleswigscher Wählerverein)
under its guidance are 24 affiliated associations
aims at maintaining and strengthening the Danish language and culture in Southern Schleswig
information office at Christiansborg / Copenhagen
funded by 2/3 of the Danish state, last third comes from German support and membership fees
check: http://www.syfo.de Schleswigsche Partei 3. Political organizations Danish 4. Cultural organizations in 1953 German minority represented in the Danish parliament for the first time
efforts for the equality of the German minority
supporting the German schools and kindergardens in Nordschleswig, strengthening cross-border trade and labour
recently SP intensified efforts on European cooperation
furthermore SP sees itself as a regional party, cooperating with main Danish parties on regional issues
check: http://www.schleswigsche-partei.dk
youth organisation: Junge SPitzen
Dansk Centralbibliotek for Sydslesvig (Danish Library for Sydslesvig)
library for everybody who is interested in (studying) Danish / Nordic language and culture and Southern Schleswigs history
mostly funded by the Danish State
check: http://www.dcbib.dk
Danevirke Museum
showing Northern Europes biggest archaeological ground monument
museum founded in 1990, situated close to Schleswig / Germany
check: http://www.dannewerk.com/Museum%20GB/museum-gb.html
Den slesvigske Kvindeforening (Women association of Slesvig)
founded in 1922, aims at:
helping the sick, elderly and disabled
strengthening solidarity between peoples homes
after 1945: enhancing womens skills and living conditions
check: http://www.dskf.de
Flensborg Journalistforening (Journalist association Flensborg)
founded in 1949, meeting place for local journalists
check: http://www.flensborg.minisite.dk 4. Cultural organizations 4. Cultural organizations 4. Cultural organizations other organizations:
HISTORISK SAMFUND, Sydslesvigs Amtskreds 4. Cultural organizations German Verband Deutscher Büchereien Nordschleswig (Association of German Libraries Nordschleswig)
gathering German libraries, which initially started to exist in the beginning of the 20th century; association founded in 1949
consisting of 23 libraries, collection of 180000 media units and serving 8000 borrowers
check: http://www.buecherei.dk
Deutsches Schulmuseum Nordschleswig (German School Museum)
established in 2001
representative collection of objects from German schooling in Denmark
check: http://www.nordschleswig.dk/SEEEMS/928.asp
Nordschleswigsche Musikvereinigung
Association of local choirs
check: http://www.musikvereinigung.dk
Nordschleswigsche Gemeinde
Community of the Nordelbische Church consisting of 5 parishes
check: http://www.kirche.dk
Institut für Interdisziplinäre System-Bildung
Project office for Art, Music and Education
check: http://www.system-bildung.dk 4. Cultural organizations The Good Life in Kommune Aabenraa, video by Aabenraa Kommune 4. Cultural organizations Frisian Nordfriiskinstituut (North Frisian Institute)
established in 1964 by the North Frisian Institute Association (est. 1948)
core question of the post-war time was "Danish or German" - thus creation of the association and institute to raise awareness for the Frisians movement
nowadays central institution for Maintaining, Supporting and Researching the Frisian Language
check: http://www.nordfriiskinstituut.de
Friisk Foriining (Frisian Association)
since its establishment (1923) the association considers the Frisian language and culture as an independent and thus equal factor in the border region
Association works for the Maintenance and Expansion of the Frisian language and identity
political representation through SSW
check: http://www.friiske.de 4. Cultural organizations Nordfriesischer Verein e.V. (North Frisian Association)
established in 1902
Maintenance of the language and culture
no political representation or statement
check: http://www.nf-verein.de
Frasche Feriin for e Ååstermååre e.V. (Ostermoorig Frisian association)
established in 1911
"preserving tradition and shaping the future"
home of several local groups (Dancing, Sewing, Language teaching)
check: http://www.andersen-hues.de 4. Cultural organizations other local organizations:
Frisians on Island Amrum: www.oomram.de
Frisians on Island Sylt: www.nf-verein.de/Sylt
Frisians in Langenhorn http://www.nf-verein.de/Langenh
Frisians in Bredsted http://www.nf-verein.de/Bredsted
Frisians in Wiedingharde http://www.nf-verein.de/Wiedingh
Dancing Frisians in Friedrichstadt http://www.nf-verein.de/Fried
Frisians in Dagebüll http://www.nf-verein.de/Dageb Sinti and Roma 4. Cultural organizations Landesverband deutscher Sinti und Roma, Schleswig Holstein (Regional Association of German Sinti and Roma)
established in 1980
political aim: to integrate Sinti and Roma in the minority article of the constitution of Schleswig- Holstein
organization of events in the mother tongue Romanes
living project "Maro Temm"
Tel.: 0431 12209-22/-23
Fax: 0431 12209-24
E-Mail: lv.s-h.sinti-roma@t-online.de offical website by the Land Schleswig Holstein about its minorities: http://www.schleswig-holstein.de/Portal/DE/LandLeute/Minderheiten/minderheiten_node.html
Cooperation between the border regions in Germany and Denmark: http://www.graenselandsportal.dk/
German-Danish minorities initiative to make recent history visible: http://mindretalsliv.de/
Best of four border-region newspapers: http://www.blandt-naboer.dk/
Danish minority in Germany: http://www.sydslesvig.de/
German minority in Denmark: http://www.nordschleswig.dk 12. Useful Links Flensburg Avis (Danish Newspaper in Germany)
regional, bi-lingual and daily newspaper
first issued in 1869, today: 5185 copies a day
Der Nordschleswiger (German Newspaper in Denmark)
regional, German and daily newspaper
first issued in 1946, today: 2161 copies a day
Radio Mojn
Danish radio for Southern Jutland, with German news broadcasts
check: http://www.mojn.dk/
Friisk Funk
Frisian radio, every morning between 8 - 9
broadcasted with Offener Kanal
check: http://www.friiskfunk.de Danish production, advertising Aabenraa Kommune for Living - Aabenraa being on of the places inhabited by the German minority 6. Social service institutions
7. Educational organization
8. Youth organizations
9. National institutions
10. Inter-cultural institutions
11. Political Participation
12. Media
13. Useful links founded in November 1945
representing German minorities political, cultural and economical interests in Nordschleswig
the political party SP (Schleswigsche Partei) is affiliated to the BDN
BDN has an office in Copenhagen, which is responsible for representing the German minorities interest towards parliament, government and administration in Copenhagen
check: http://www.bdn.dk 2. Umbrella organizations BDN - Bund deutscher Nordschleswiger Der Frasche Rädj, Nordfriislon - Frisian Council North umbrella-organization for all associations, organizations and institutions working for the Frisian advantage in Northern Frisia and Helgoland
Point of coordination and contact for these organizations
represented organizations:
Nordfriesischer Verein e.V.
Friisk Foriining
Gemeinde Helgoland
Heimatbund der Landschaft Eiderstedt e.V
Verein Nordfriesisches Institut e. V.
Öömrang Ferian
check: http://www.friesenrat.de 2. Umbrella organization Det sydslesvigske samraad - Southern Schleswig Council institution to coordinate questions of common interests by the otherwise independent organizations
consists of: DCBIB, Danish Church, Danish Schoolunion, Danish Healthservice, Flensborg Avis, Frisian Association, SdU, SSF, SSW
check: http://www.samraadet.info committee in the Danish parliament
functioning as the link between parliament and Southern Schleswigs organisations and institutions
consisting of five members
check the current members at:
http://www.uvm.dk/Om-os/Ministeriets-internationale-arbejde/Europa-og-uddannelse/Sydslesvigudvalget/Sydslesvigudvalgets-medlemmer 11. Media 9. National institutions Sydslesvigudvalget 9. National Institutions Graenseforening (borderassociation)
"for an open Danishness"
established in 1920
Danish support organization for the Danish minority in Germany
independent civic organization, no political party connection
to broaden the knowledge about the borderregions state including the strengthening of Danish language and culture
check: http://www.graenseforeningen.dk
Forening Norden
interscandinavian cultural exchange, established in DK, N, S in 1919
check: http://www.foreningen-norden.dk/index.php
Head of Sydslesvig department: Marianne Gerckens, marianne.gerckens@gmail.com 10. Inter-cultural institutions Fælleslandboforeningen for Sydslesvig e.V. (Union of agricultural associations)
dates back to 1950, organizing inter alia cultural and thematic events
2 - 3 a year they also offer counseling for farmers
check: http://www.faelleslandboforeningen.de/index.html
Union Bank
founded in 1927, the bank got its roots in the changing condition of the bordertown of Flensburg
today it is a modern bank, having clients that are both Danish and German
check: http://www.unionbank.de/home.html
Landwirtschaftlicher Hauptverein für Nordschleswig (Agricultural Association)
service enterprise having its roots in the German minority
working with 650 members and clients
strategy contains the development and assimilation of LHN as independent association and counseling company
directed towards democratic, dynamic and time-conscious structure
check: http://www.lhn.dk 5. Economic organizations Dansk Sundhedstjeneste for Sydslesvig (Danish Health Service Sydslesvig)
established as a non-profit organisation
dating back to the post WWII times, when there was huge demand for medical services
important today, as the public sector in Germany only solves a restricted part of problems
check: http://www.dksund.de
Sozialdienst Nordschleswig (Social Service Nordschleswig)
gathering local initiatives for social matters
Sozialdienst supports and executes social work (leisure, counseling and trainings)
check: http://www.sozialdienst.dk 6. Social Institutions Dansk Skoleforening for Sydslesvig (Danish School Union)
dating back to a parents-initiative, the Union was established in May 1920
today running 55 Kindergardens and 47 Schools in Sydslesvig
check: http://www.skoleforeningen.dk
Deutscher Schul- und Sprachverein für Nordschleswig (German School and language association)
first German kindergarden was established in 1865 in Apenrade
Association today administers 21 kindergardens, one leisure institution, 14 general-education schools and one High School
DSSV employs 375 people
check: http://dssv.dk/SEEEMS/8802.asp 7. Educational organization SDU - Sydslesvigs danske Ungdomsforeninger (Sydslesvigs Danish Youth Associations)
umbrella-organization for the Danish sport and youth associations
65 affiliated associations
founded in 1923
check: http://www.sdu.de
Deutscher Jugendverband für Nordschleswig (German youth association for Nordschleswig)
established in 1947
to support and maintain Culture, Sport and Political Education while applying the German language
check: http://www.djfn.dk 8. Youth and sport organizations Information office of the SSF and SdU in Christiansborg, Copenhagen
established to observe parliamentary proceedings and to interact
no permanent office, SSF secretary general Jens A. Christiansen is in charge
Sekretariat der deutschen Volksgruppen in Nordschleswig (German secretary of the German Native peoples in Nordschleswig)
established in 1983, led today by Jan Diedrichsen
maintaining contact with the danish parliament and the Kontaktudvalg and observing the parliaments work
check: http://www.sekretariat-kopenhagen.dk Political Political 10. Inter-cultural institutions
Joint Minority office at the German Ministry of the Interior
established 2005
Information-exchange between German Parliament, Government and the minorities and the public
additionally improving the co-ordination between international organizations and the minorities
mail to: minderheitensekretariat@t-online.de 10. Inter-Cultural Institutions Kontaktudvalget (Contact commitee for the German minority in Denmark):
consisting of:
the Danish Minister of the Interior Berthel Haarder
the (German) commissioner for the German Minority Johannes Trommer
German honorary consul for Sönderjylland and Ribe Thomas Bekker
and nine members of the Danish Parliament Inter-Cultural The German commissioner for migrant and minority issues
established in 2006
to emphasize the importance of minority issues and to have an official contact person on a national level, that also informs about minority issues
current: Dr. Christoph Bergner
check: http://www.bmi.bund.de/DE/Ministerium/Beauftragte/BeaufAussiedNatMinder/beaufaussiednatminder_node.html
Nordschleswig-Gremium (Committee in the parliament of Schleswig Holstein)
established in 1975, consisting of the head of Parliament, members of the SH parliament, SH members of the Bundestag and members of the BDN
meeting twice a year to discuss all matters of the German minority in Nordschleswig
check: http://www.landtag.ltsh.de/parlament/minderheitenpolitik/nordschleswiger.html Friesen-Gremium (Committee for the Frisians in the parliament of Schleswig-Holstein)
established in 1988, consisting of the head of Parliament, members of the SH parliament, SH members of the Bundestag and members of the BDN
meeting twice a year to discuss all matters of the Frisians
The Schleswig-Holstein Comissioner for Minority Issues
mainly to inform and advice the government and to maintain the contacts to the minorities institutions and representatives
current: Mrs. Renate Schack
check: http://www.schleswig-holstein.de/STK/DE/Schwerpunkte/Minderheitenpolitik/AmtMinderheitenbeauftragte/amtMinderheitenbeauftragte_node.html 10. Inter-cultural institutions Rökefloose (Frisian Youth organization)
working with children and youth to maintain the language and culture
check: http://www.roekefloose.de
Nordschleswigscher Ruderverband
Group of six rowing clubs in Nordschleswig
check: http://www.nrv.dk
Children and Youth Art Workshop
check: http://www.blaustich.dk 8. Youth and Sport organizations Borgerforeningen Flensborg (Citizen association of Flensborg)
founded in 1835 as a meeting place for exchange of modern thought
also today meeting place for Danes in the border region: http://www.borgerforeningen-flensborg.de St. Georgs Gilderne, Sydslesvig (St. Georgs Guilds)
organization for former boyscouts: Helmut Werth, DSS.Tydal@t-online.de
Sprogforeningen (Language association)
organization for strengthening Danish language and culture, founded 1981: http://www.sprogforeningen.dk
St. Knudsgilde Flensborg (St. Knuds Guild)
vital Danish fraternity, founded 1170: http://www.knudsgildet-flensborg.dk 2. Umbrella organizations Ynterfryske Rie - Interfrisian Council common organization of all Frisian councils in the three Frisias
external representation of the common Frisian interests
members belong to the respective Western/Eastern/Northern Frisian Councils
Frasche Rädj (North) - check: http://www.friesenrat.de/ (and next slide)
Fryske Rie (West) - check: http://www.fryskerie.nl/
Fräiske Räid (East) - check: http://tinyurl.com/bq2km4c
"belonging to more than one state (...) but we feel affiliated to one people"
check: http://www.interfriesischerrat.de/ 11. Political Participation representatives of the Danish and German minorities are in the following committees / councils:
Syddanskvaekstforum - Southern Danish Growth Forum - Observer of the German minority is Hinrich Jürgensen
Regional council of Region Sönderjylland and Schleswig has one respective representative
Interreg Commission by Tobias Koch, European Centre for Minority Issues Flensburg, July 2012
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