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AEED - smarter IT service management

No description

Greg Baker

on 24 November 2015

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Transcript of AEED - smarter IT service management

AEED analyses the vocabulary in your help desk tickets.

It picks the right team more often than human beings do.
Ticket re-assignment is significant
The re-assignment bounce
If the first team to handle a ticket can't resolve it, that ticket will bounce between many teams before it is finally resolved.

Each team that touches it generally only has a 50-70% chance of solving it before handing it on to another team.
The customer's perspective
On average for most organisations, each re-assignment adds more than a week to resolution time.

The best organisations spend "only" four days per re-assignment.
In larger organisations, roughly 1 in 6 support tickets are bounced one or more times to another team.

That is, the team that resolves the issue is quite often not the team that the ticket is first assigned to.
How can we get
tickets to the right
people faster?
Teams have their own vocabulary
If the support ticket has the word "daemon" in it, it will almost definitely be solved by a Unix support team.

If it mentions ABAP, it will be a SAP support team.

LDAP usually means that a Windows ActiveDirectory team will fix it.
Thanks to SPAM, we now have algorithms that are very good at identifying unusual vocabulary.
Buy Viagra now!

I am from Nigeria, and the late president left me a large sum of money. I need your help to...

You have been selected for a prize.
Vocabulary can predict how long an issue will last
Some organisations solve SAP issues faster than Salesforce issues.
For them, the word "Salesforce" will be associated with a long resolution time.
For other organisations, it might be the other way around.
Vocabulary can predict failure
If you don't have good SAP skills in-house, then SAP changes will cause more issues, and fixes are more likely to go wrong.
Or perhaps it's networking problems, or mainframe issues that fail regularly. Whatever, AEED will learn.
AEED also lets your helpdesk set customer expectations for how long it will take to resolve, and lets your IT staff know if something might affect them.
30% of all ticket handling is not being done by the team who will end up resolving the ticket.
AEED works with the tools you use
Cloud-hosted or in-house
No configuration changes required
Available on the Atlassian Marketplace
Flexible pricing including zero base-cost options
Integrates with:
HP Service Manager
Atlassian Jira
Request Tracker (RT)
HP Service Anywhere*
Other platforms by request
* Pending release
Smarter IT service management

Automated Estimator of Effort and Duration
Smarter IT service management
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