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Classification and oxidation of alcohols

Seperate questions printed out on worksheets. Past paper Qs as plenary

X Tan

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of Classification and oxidation of alcohols

What are their different structures?
What reactions can they go through? Alcohols Classification of alcohols Primary Alcohols Oxidation of
Primary Alcohols Primary Alcohol + [O] ------> Aldehyde + Water How can we change alcohols into aldehydes or ketones...
or carboxylic acids! We can classify alcohols based on the number of alkyl groups attached to the carbon carrying the C-OH group Secondary Alcohols Tertiary Alcohols C-OH group is bonded to no alkyl groups or ONLY ONE alkyl group C-OH group is bonded to TWO alkyl groups C-OH group is bonded to THREE alkyl groups To do! Classify the following alcohols into primary, secondary and tertiary structures
Extension: Name them as well! Why might we want to classify alcohols though? WHAT'S THE POINT!!!? This represents the
oxidising agent Conditions:
- Acidified dichromate soln
- Distilled immediately
- Gentle heating Strong Oxidation
of Primary Alcohols Primary Alcohol + 2[O] ----> Carboxylic acid + Water This represents the
oxidising agent. Notice the 2?
Shows that there's an excess Conditions:
- Excess acidified dichromate soln
- Reflux
- Strong heating! Oxidation of Secondary Alcohols Conditions:
- Acidified dichromate soln
- Reflux
- Any kind of heat! Secondary Alcohol + [O] ----> Ketone + Water Oxidation of Tertiary Alcohols Resistant to oxidation!!
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