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Fact Vs. Opinion

No description

Brianna Crews

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of Fact Vs. Opinion

Objective: Distinguish Facts and Opinions in an expository text Fact vs. Opinion Review What is Expository text?
Expository text is writing that is used to
Or give information.

Facts and Opinions are parts of Expository Text! Facts Facts are statements that can be proven.
Facts are statements that are ALWAYS true statements.

A is the first letter in the alphabet
Hello Kitty wears a bow.
The Lakers wear gold and purple uniforms. Opinions Opinions are statements that tell how a person feels, believes, thinks, or likes.

Minecraft is a cool game.
Justin Bieber is a wonderful singer.
Finding Nemo is the best movie ever! Let's Look at some Examples! Pookie is a brown and white dog.
This is a fact because it can be proven and is true. Pookie is the smartest dog ever.
This is an opinion because it cannot be proven true or false. It states how a person feels. Guided Practice http://pbskids.org/arthur/games/factsopinions/ We think an opinion is.... We think a fact is...... Now it is your turn! Look at the following examples.
Decide whether they are facts or opinions. The dog is SO cute in his shark outfit! Great Job! This is an opinion.
It cannot be proven true that the dog is cute in his shark outfit. The dog is wearing a shark outfit. Great Job! This is a Fact! It can be proven true that the dog is wearing a shark outfit. We are turning onto Forest Avenue. Wonderful! This is a fact. It can be proven by reading the street sign that these people are in fact turning onto Forest Ave. This can be proven. The slowly moving jellyfish is extraordinary. Perfect! This is an opinion. It cannot be proven that the jellyfish is extraordinary. It is only a statement that explains how some one feels. Penguins are birds that cannot fly. This is a fact! It is a statement that can be proven true. The rocks are ugly, sharp and look cold. This is an opinion! It explains how someone feels or what some one thinks of the rocks. Flowers are the perfect present to give to moms and grandmothers! This is an opinion! It is a statement that explains how someone feels. Now, Lets create our own list of Facts and Opinions. Recess Facts Opinions Review A fact can be proven. It is a statement that is always true

An opinion cannot be proven. It describes how a person feels or what they believe. On half of the first level there is grass The third level has a solar panel At recess there are a lot of things to do Recess starts at 9:50 every day
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