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Plasma phospholipids identify antecedent memory impairment i

No description

Nihal Varkey

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of Plasma phospholipids identify antecedent memory impairment i

Plasma phospholipids identify antecedent memory impairment in older adults
By Nadia Mohammadi, Riddhi Machchhar, Jessica Reed, and Nihal Varkey
Dr. Howard J. Federoff et al
Alzheimer's Disease Facts
Affects over 35 million worldwide
Expected to affect 115 million by 2050
No cures and an inability to detect early
Current Biomarkers
Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) tau and amyloid-b levels
Structural and functional magnetic resonance imaging
Brain amyloid imaging ("inflammaging")
What about a Validation?
How to Distinguish the aMCI/AD , Converter (pre) from the NC Groups?
What about a Apolipoprotein E Genotype?
Possible Functions of Metabolites
PC, lyso PC/PC ratios
Phosphatidylinositol in hippocampus
AC levels
New panel of metabolites vs AB42/phosphorylated tau
Blood based-panel: cost-efficient, useful in large scale clinical trials

Putative Metabolite Markers Resulting from Binary Comparison of the Study Groups
Difference Detection of Putative Metabolites Using SID-MRM-MS
What is Alzheimer's Disease?
Study Group Layout

Report Abstract and Hypothesis
525 participants over 5 year study
Group criteria
Biomarker discovery selection
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