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teaching vocabulary to advanced students: a lexical approach

for my course lexical analysis

scarlette erices peña

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of teaching vocabulary to advanced students: a lexical approach

advanced students need to improve a wide range of vocabulary rationale of the lesson choice of material
by: Scarlette Erices P. Teaching Vocabulary to Advanced
Students: A Lexical Approach memory and storage systems short-term
dealing with meaning making use of the context teaching vocabulary should be part of the syllabus (Gairns and Redman) conceptual meaning polysemy homonymy homophyny synonymy affective meaning style, register, dialect translation chunks of language grammar of vocabulary pronunciation Long-term any amount of information no more than 7 chunks strategies by Oxford creating mental linkages applying images and sound reviewing well (structured way) employing action guess from a word of Latin origin using language a lexical item student's motivation and needs understand better through students the lexical approach Lewis major contribution the importance of vocabulary chunks include collocations fixed and semi-fixed expressions idioms collocation tables, mind-maps, word trees,
unique material learning through collocations and meaning if students do not understand they must use monolingual dictionary group work learners can exchange knowledge authentic choice of task use the language they are learning in a realistic context
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