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Sperm Diary

No description

Mario Reithaar

on 9 December 2010

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Transcript of Sperm Diary

Sperm Diary Day 1
I don't know were am I all I know is that I am floating wow what is happening I am going super sonic all of my firends and brothers are beingI killed within seconds but I still alive. Then suddenly I saw huge ball kind of shape then I realised it was an egg. I'm trying to enter but it's just to hard wow I got in nooo my tail has gone but now I am inside thank god. Week 1
I have just fertilized the egg but suddenly the egg has
started spliting into two and more I am the only one who
made it through the egg and I am slowly moving through
the fallopian tube and moving down into the uturus. Week 8
The egg and I are starting to attach
to the uterus lining and the placenta is
starting to create the placenta.
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