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Timeline of Technology Inventions and Innovations

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Aliana Rayner

on 13 February 2014

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Transcript of Timeline of Technology Inventions and Innovations

Timeline of Technology Major History Changes
Stone Age
The stone age used rocks and sharpened them to make arrows, spears, and knifes. They made these tools to hunt for food or to make items to help them survive.
Bronze Age
People had found that using metal was easier to shape there knifes or arrows with when the metal is melted and they mold it. One new tool was the short sword that was made in Europe in 3200 and 1150BC.
Iron Age
Iron age was the time when they used iron which is a metal to make military weapons. Even though iron and bronze are both metals iron is stronger than bronze. They also used iron to make coins.
Middle Age
The middle age was a time that was also called the dark ages. In the middle ages people made the water mill, hourglass, and the heavy plough.
The renaissance was the time of the rebirth of art. one invention made in the renaissance was the printing press. the printing press was first used for the distirbution of the Bible. Also the printing press was used to make literature. Over inventions are telescopes, and the submarine.
Industrial Age
The industrial age was the period where more factories were being built to make the products. People in this time bought their stuff instead of having to make it themselves.
Informational Age
The informational age is the time of today. New technology is being made everyday. Things we used today have changed so much from the things people used in the past. During this time people have made different ways to communicate with people beside writing.
By: Aliana Rayner
250,000 B.C.
3000 B.C. - 1200 B.C
1200 B.C - 500 A.D.
500 A.D. - 1450 A.D.
1450 A.D - 14700 A.D.
1700 - 1940
1940 - Present
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