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Gesture Drawing

Intro to Gesture Drawing for Grade 7

Megan Duff

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Gesture Drawing

What is guesture drawing? Life is about movement, you are moving constantly day and night.
Gestural drawing is about capturing movement using simple scratchy lines. Exit Task Circle your favourite FIVE drawings from this afternoon.

You will be choosing your favourite for our 3D sculpture project!

Make sure you choose one that is interesting, eye-catching and fun for YOU! Quickly drawing the inside! Gesture Drawing Warm-up 1. How do these sketches show movement?
2. How do you think these drawings were created? Quickly? Slowly? So how do Artists create a LINE gestural drawing? 1) Stand or sit making sure you can see the models profile
2) Scan the subject in its entirety
3) Use large movements, sketch loosely
4) Be aware that the hand duplicates eye motion, strive to keep eyes on model only occasionally referring to your paper
5) Avoid outlines, if possible (stick figures) Gesture Sketching: A sketching technique to quickly and loosely capture the essential movement or action of a subject.
Gesture Sketching is used for active thinking - most artists plan their work in a gestural manner before creating a work of art. Student Poses 1. Find a partner
2. You and your partner will be taking turns striking a pose. You will need to hold your pose for about 20 seconds while your partner is drawing.
3. Think about your poses before you start - think of gymnastics, parkour, wrestling, flying, superheroes, skateboarding, sports, running and more for inspiration. Don't waste time thinking of the best pose - just go for it!
4. When your partner is posing, work quickly to sketch out their gesture/pose. Focus on LINES and movement, not perfection!
5. We will be changing poses all at the same time.
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