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Presenting Healthcare

A brief analysis of Healthcare Reform.

John Hoffman

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Presenting Healthcare

Healthcare Reform By
Elizabeth Jones
Sutton Simon
John Hoffman Obama's Plan Promise to fulfill plan Representative John Boehner Goal of communication is to be competent not clear Negative Face Communication Competence Congruency Personal experience Helping all people Reformed Healthcare Reform Opponent of Obama's Healthcare Bill Independence Institute Dismissal and Enhancement Framing Spin and Story-Telling Effective? Successful? Identification Non-Response Enhancement Fairhurst & Sarr, 1996 Cheney, et al., 2004 Cheney, et al., 2004 Cheney, et al., 2004 Brown & Levinson, 1999 DeWine, 1994 www.i2i.org
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