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Coffee, Snacks, Worms

No description

Olivia Tran

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of Coffee, Snacks, Worms

The main character Kate is an imaginative daydreamer from a small town. She's working alone in her family shop called
Coffee, Snacks and Worms
when a boy walks in and threatens her with a knife. Instead of being terrified like a normal person, she doubts that he has a knife and asks, "what kind of knife?" Her smart mouth keeps her out of danger and she offers him something to eat and a job. He finally leaves after throwing his knife in the trash.

By: Ariane, Ayesha, Kirsten, Olivia
Coffee, Snacks, Worms
-This teaches us to be careful what we say because it can either help you out like Kate or go in the complete opposite direction and get you hurt.
The Knife
-used as a threat/ a piece of weaponry

-act of kindness
- that she was willing to help him, even though she was struggling financially
-made him realize there are more options in life than stealing
-cheating and stealing your way out of life isn't the right choice to make
The Worms
-helps him with options such as getting a job
-her worm supplier had recently quit, so her family was looking for a new dealer
-both would benefit
-Kate is very kind to the boy despite what he tries to do knowing her family and her are going through a rough time financially.
-Even though this boy threatens Kate, instead of calling the police she decides to help him.
- The boy who threatened Kate seemed like a thief but he was actually just desperate.
-We figure out that the boy tries to steal money from the shop because he hasn't eaten for a while and he just wants some food
"Why do you want the money ?"
"Because I'm starving, that's why. I haven't eaten in two days."
- Kate acting the way she did showed her true self as well. It showed that she is a caring person. Kate wanted to hear the boy out instead of instantly getting him in trouble.
-Even though the boy looked like a thief, Kate looked beyond that and didn't judge him

-From this we should learn not to judge people based on their looks and outside appearance.
"I've got a knife! Give me all the money in the cash register!"
"there's work around here if you want it, I guess."
" Making you a sandwich, turkey. You said you were starving, didn't you?'"
"I don't think you will. My brother Jesse has a friend went out a few months ago- he couldn't get a job anyhow and had to hitch his way back. He got home a week ago, tired, broke, and sick as a dog."
-Kate offers him a job, and gives him food and advice.
-This teaches us to not judge others from first glance because we never know where they're coming from and what their situation is and to always be kind to others
-By saying,
"What kind of knife?"
Kate throws the boy a little off track because you would expect a person to react differently to someone trying to rob you.
-But in the end by Kate saying what she said nobody got hurt or in trouble and it benefited both of them.
-Kate made conversation by saying what she said instead of her getting hurt and they boy stealing the money, She helps him out and the boy ends up getting a job
- Kate is a helpful and kind person because even thought the boy threatened to cut her, she still offered to "Making you a sandwich, turkey." She added "She started to make another sandwich. Cheese this time."

-She is very concerned and caring for the boy because she told him the possible things that might happen to him. "If you steal the money here, you're going to have to light out fast. They'll either catch up with you or drag you into the police station. Either way, you're not going to get anything to eat, and you're still going to hungry.
The Boy
- The boy is desperate because even though he was scared to rob the snack bar, he threatened Kate because he was very desperate for wanting to eat. "Because I'm starving, that's why. I haven't eaten in two days."
- He was brave because he knew robbing a snack bar with a knife was a serious offense. "A big knife ! With a very long, sharp blade! And I'm going to cut you with it if you don't give me all the money in that cash register right now!"
- Kate is an indirect characterization because the author doesn't directly say that Kate is caring or helpful it is because of the action she showed the boy that has not eaten in two days.
"Making you a sandwich, turkey"
-Snack bar

-The side of a highway


-Rural community
-Afternoon (3-5pm)

-Present day, modern
Literary Devices
"The cliff edge crumbled beneath her feet, and far below her the sea crashed against the jagged, pointed rocks in an insane fury."

-Gives reader an idea of how Kate's mind works, her imagination, etc.

-Her character Stephanie helps her to escape danger
"The boy didn't say a word, just sat down and gulped the food so fast he didn't seem to be chewing at all."

-Shows how hungry and desperate the boy truly was

"It was the most boring life in the whole world. This was the most boring place in the whole world."

-Another example showing how much Kate dislikes the shop and craves adventure
Literary Devices
"A crummy little garage and snack bar, sitting all alone like an unwelcome wart on the side of a dusty Ontario highway."

-Describes how Kate feels about the snack bar (distasteful, boring)

-Since her life is so boring, she escapes to the imaginary world of Stephanie
"I've got a knife! Give me all the money in the cash register!"
"Go ahead. Eat it. It's not made of worms or anything. Worms are for fish. Ham is for people."

"there is work around here if you want it..."
- The boy is an indirect characterization because of the things and actions he said to Kate.
"A big knife ! With a very long, sharp blade! And I'm going to cut you with it if you don't give me all the money in that cash register right now!"
- Kate is a static character because she didn't change herself until the end.
-The boy is a Dynamic character because in the beginning of the story, the author introduced him as a dangerous person. But, Kate helped him realize that robbing was not a way to solve his problem. At the end, the boy ends up being a good person. "Thank you"
"She'd only had a glimpse of the object as the boy had tossed it into the garbage, but that was enough. He had had a knife!"

-Kate realizes the boy was serious about having a knife
"...hear its lonesome,
wailing whistle

"There, in front of her, stood a
dishevelled, disreputable
totally terrifying

-Both from scenes about Stephanie
-If Kate reacted differently like saying, "I'm going to call the cops !" the boy might have actually hurt her with the knife.
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