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Gender Roles During the 1980s

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Mikaela Roca

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of Gender Roles During the 1980s

Gender Roles During the 1980s
Second Wave Feminism
The feminist movement referred to a series of campaigns that focused on issues such as reproductive rights, domestic violence,maternity leave, equal pay,woman's suffrage, sexual harassment and violence.

This movement began in the 1960s in America and during the 1980s spread to foreign countries like Japan and New Zealand.

Like Totally 80s
-During the early-1980s there was more approval of a married women earning money in business or industry if she had a husband capable of supporting her
-They began to become capable of shaping and transforming society and of helping people live together in relative peace and harmony
-Women had to help men deal with there changing role in society
-During this time magazines and advertisements starting showing women working alongside men
Women in the Work Place
-Women began to have more job opportunities in the 80s
-Women began to move into professional and managerial jobs,especially in Maryland
-They were able to have positions that were above men
-It was common for women to hold executive and administrative positions, such as accountants and buyers. However, there was still a distinct amount of women who still worked in low-pay jobs.

A man's job is to earn money; a woman's job is to look after the home and family 

Both the man and woman should contribute to the household income
Gender Roles in The Media
Male Gender Roles in the 80s
-During the 80s men's roles were similar to previous decades where they were seen as the "man of the house"
-They had a hard time dealing with the fact that women were capable of holding higher positions
-It was rare but possible that a women made more than her husband, depending on her skills and job
-Their jobs dealt with things that were considered "a man's job." Although women began to hold more executive jobs, men were still the ones constructing and doing more physical labor.
New Zealand
-Women's liberation groups called for economic equality
-The main focus was on employment equity, financial independence, matrimonial property on divorce and single mother support.
-Women in New Zealand had similar roles in American society

-Divorce and remarriage was acceptable
-It was common for people to marry around the ages of 15-34
-Women held similar job positions as men and were provided the same education.

-Among the topics that were observed was the sexism in the mass media, the sexist nature of academic disciplines, the nature of housework, gender and education, and the specific character of women's oppression in Japanese society

-In the early 80s 45% of women over the age of 15 were in the labor work force and 37% of the work force consisted of women .

-Men were still seen as the head of the household and brought in most of the income. Even though women had jobs they were low wage.
-The Japanese feminist movement in the 80s showed the advancement of women's studies
-By the early 80s major nationwide and regional women's associations and study groups were formed
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