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Should Scientists Help People Beat Old Age?

No description

Chelsea Pan

on 31 March 2015

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Transcript of Should Scientists Help People Beat Old Age?

Life expectancy = 100 years in the 22nd century
Biomedical research
California Biomedical Research Association defines biomedical research "as the study of science that treats and prevents life-threatening diseases."
Body-part replacement
Repairing aging cells with nanotechnology
Opinion Statement
Due to the destructive social, economical, and environmental effects, scientists should not aid to achieve a longer life expectancy.

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Counter Argument
Most people support the idea of long lives, because they believe the human race could achieve more if everyone had a 20 year extension.

Question Time
Economic Inefficiency
Should Scientists Help People Beat Old Age?
Who, in this room, has the oldest living relative?
With a show of hands, who would also want to live to that age?
Limited Space
Limited Resources
Longer lives = More elders
More elders = Less workers
Elders = Aged bodies
Less workers + Aged bodies =Inefficiency
E- xplain
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