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Goal Setting

No description

Curtis Worthy

on 14 April 2013

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Transcript of Goal Setting

Goal Setting Inquire Illustrate Asking both general and detail oriented questions about the client's goals.
Listen intently to both expressed and underlying content provided by client.
Reflecting content for assured clarity and clear sequential planning Outcome Goal Determine Explain to the client the sequential steps that will be required to meet their goal.
Explain the type and estimated length of practice that my be required.
Explain how people change movement patterns and the reason for your approach.
Explain they will likely spend a little time getting worst before they get better.
This is all part of managing the expectations of the client's. Explain This is when you execute your plan.
The instructor assesses the client's development and when it is appropriate to move to the next process phase.
It is not uncommon that coaches will revisit previous steps in order to maintain the student's skill and confidence.
It is very important not to jump around between performance goals without a thoughtful rational.
Once a student has developed adequate proficient at one performance goal move on the the next most salient. Execute Help the client to see the progress they have made during the lesson.
Discuss with the client how the development of the the performance goals will get them to their outcome goal.
Encourage them to practice independently the skills they were working on during the lesson which will speed their progress to the next process or performanc goal. Goal setting is the initial and primary point of contact between coach and client.
Goal setting helps provide a clear and concrete progression for learning that both the student and instructor can follow.
Goal setting allows both the student and instructor to monitor and asses progress toward the final goal.
Research suggest that students who feel like the their coach meets there goals and expectations view their coaches as highly skilled, express high satisfaction, and are more like to maintain that relationship. For ski instructors this translates to highly satisfied clients, who thinks very positively about their instructor, and is like to return and request the same instructor again.
P.S. If done well it may also result in higher tips. :) Mnemonic: IDEEL Dr. Shawn Worthy
Copyright 2013 http://jeroen-de-flander.com/15-great-coaching-questions-for-the-goal-setting-phase https://www.appliedsportpsych.org/Resource-Center/Athletes/Articles/goalsetting Process Goals Performance Goal Goal Mapping Outcome Goal
(Ultimate or Final Goal )
Possibly achieved by master of the performance goals Performance Goal 2

Another skill believed to be needed for the outcome goal. Performance Goal 3

A second or third performance goal may or may not be needed. Performance Goal 1

A skill believed to be required to achieve the outcome goal. Process Phase 1 Process Phase 2 Process Phase 1 Process Phase 3 Process Phase 2 Process Goal How I do it: Mark Raymond “ Everybody has a tip... but nobody has a plan.”
Hank Haney, Past Golf Coach of Tiger Woods The End Dr. Shawn Worthy, Copyright 2013
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