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Management of Human,Physical and Technological resources

No description

Myriam Karamoko

on 2 February 2015

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Transcript of Management of Human,Physical and Technological resources

Human Resources
Human Resources
department is responsible for many people related issue in an
. They're responsible for the process of recruiting suitable candidates for the
; they also ensure employee welfare and employee relations are positive.
Physical Resources
Physical Resources
are things within a business that are
( touchable) such as
. These are need to help the business grow, progress and develop.
Technological Resources
Technological resources are different from physical resources because you can't touch technological resources. however physical resources are tangible. technological resources are things such as patent, insurance, security etc...
Management of

Explain how the management of human, physical and technological resources can improve the performance of Wallis.
How can HR improve the performance of Wallis
Human Resources (
) can improve the performance of Wallis by recruiting the
/ suitable candidate of particular task.
is in charge of hiring and firing, it means they will employees those with the most skills and diploma to suit a the jobs, this also means that all the workers in Wallis will all be highly experienced workers who know their job well.
How can PR improve the performance of Wallis
Firstly Physical Resources in Wallis can improve Wallis by developing and progressing the store and the business.
Some of these Physical resources will also improve performance by attracting customers to Wallis and an increase in customers means an increase in income.
How physical resources improve the performance of Wallis.
Firstly if Wallis had the newest it, such as having technology e.g. slide show on each of there store floors and having one at the entrance showing what they have on store that will interest costumers an attract more of them.

Secondly if Wallis had the latest clothing or store material that Wallis competitors did not have such as the newest clothing fabric on latest styles on the street it will increase their number of customers and increase Wallis income. this will not only allow Wallis to be known in the UK but all over the nation and maybe in other countries.

How TR can improve the performance of Wallis
Technological Resources can improve Wallis by making sure that people don't take Wallis designs, ideas and it also keeps makes sure that the store is covered so that anything bad happens business can still come back to its stability.
Write about one more technological resource and explain the impact on a business
Myriam Karamoko
Thirdly if Wallis had the new security technology it would help the store to keep on its guards so even if people try taking clothing home without paying you can stop them.

Last but not least another physical resource is facilities which this such as canteen and warehouse. However what would really be useful in Next is if they had a nursery to keep clients children in, in till they finish shopping. i believe that, that would be really useful and also if they had a little
pret a mange
inside the store and stay located next to food store. this would increase next icome/revenue.

All this physical resources are important to Wallis
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