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Shaw Realty Group Listing Presentation

Your guide on selling your home with the Shaw Realty Group. Start today by calling 519-772-4144 or visit us at http://shawrealtygroup.com

Shaw Hasyj

on 16 December 2015

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Transcript of Shaw Realty Group Listing Presentation

Market it Right
Place "for sale" signage, complete with property fliers easily accessible to drive-by prospects.
Present it Right
Price it Right
Price your home strategically so you're competitive with the current market and current price trends.
Spread the Word
Brokerage Websites
Classified Services
Print Advertising
Open House
Online Presence
Online Marketing
First found their home online
National Portals
Search Engines
Social Media
Signs & Flyers
Most aggressive, effective marketing plan
Sources that Grab Buyers Attention
How Well It Shows
Stage your home to cast a positive light
on the features most important to buyers
35 %
Realty Agent
Electronic Flyers
Paper Flyers
Virtual Tours
Realtor & Office Meetings
Constant Communication

Before we get started, I want to talk to you first about what sets us apart... as a great option for you. And I know this because 99% of sellers that I meet with never meet with another agent.
The first thing, is that we work as a team. In a normal real estate transaction, there are about 180 different individual
tasks that need to be taken care of when putting your home on the market. Our team has specialists for each of these tasks
The second thing that sets us apart, is our track record. We sold 250 homes over the last 2 years. An example of the type of experience that you’re getting.
In my experience there are 3 things that
set us apart from any company in town.
The 3rd thing that sets us apart is how well
we communicate. I will set up a day each
week where I will call you with an update
and showing feedback on your home
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