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Chance Encounter

No description

Ashley Delapena

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Chance Encounter

Chance Encounter
By:Alden Nowlen There is something odd in the road ahead.
A man in a black coat walking a dog,
a tall man in a long black coat walking a big red dog,
or is it a black mare with a red colt.
don't let me hit them.
I don't like
to be splashed by death.
The car stops in time
and I roll down the window.
There is a cow moose
standing not ten feet away
and her calf a little father off,
niether of them knowing what to make of the headlights
bright as lightening, solid as the light
of a full moon on a cloudless night.
Then the cow crosses over, very slowly,
not looking back
until she reaches
the edge of the woods
on the other side
and finds the calf has not followed her,
but gone back
and they look at one another
across the light that seperates them
and perhaps she makes coaxing sounds i can't hear,
while i will him
not to run away whre they might never find eachother
but to be brave enough
to walk into the light
i don't dare turn off
for fear of humans like myself
----and at last he begins to walk toward the road
and after a moments pause
enters the light
and crosses it
and in about thirty seconds,
a long time
when your holding your breath,
and the instant
he's safely over, she runs and he
runs behind her,
and I drive on,
happy about it all,
bursting to tell someone about the great sight I've seen,
yet not sure why it should seem so important. Character & Plot Character~In the poem, Chance Encounter, the characters are the person driving the car who could be male or female, when we first read the poem we assumed that the driver was male, but there wasn't any evidence of our assumption.

~The driver's character traits displayed are compassion, kindness and is often observant of their surroundings.

~The driver seems like the kind of person that hopes for good in all things. "He's safely over, she runs and he runs behind her, and I drive on, happy about it all." ~

~The driver was observant while he watched the calf cross safely to its mother. He could have not been compassionate and scared the calf away so the driver could be on his way. But instead he stopped and watched the calf overcome his fears and reach his mother, showing his kindness and compassion for his surroundings. "Of a full moon on a cloudless night." The setting of this poem takes place at night on a dark road, that cuts through the woods. When the driver approaches the odd shapes in the road he isn't too sure what they are at first he thinks that it could be a man with a dog, he doesn't realize what's in front of him until he is ten feet away. The following lines read, "While I will him, not to run away where they might never find each other, but to be brave enough, to walk into the light," the driver knows that the headlights scare the little calf and hopes that he will overcome his fear and follow the mama cow. The calf slowly but surly begins to venture over to his mama into safety, and as the driver drives away he feels happy and, "Bursting to tell someone about the great sight I've seen." Theme & Connections Main Purpose ~ The theme of this poem, is that doing a kind deed is much more than feeling good about yourself but the kind of difference you have made in someone or somethings life.

Why~ In this poem the driver stops and takes the time for the calf to cross the road and reunite with his mother. If the driver had turned a blind eye and simply drove off, the calf would have been spooked and ran off. The calf would have likely died without his mama. Poetic Devices This poem consist of the poetic devices: metaphor, simile, and hyperbole.

The poet wrote, "Splashed by death...", which is a metaphor used to further expand the feeling the driver feels as he nearly hits an animal. It the comparison of when you are being thrown into a body of water and you automatically seize because you are terrified of the feeling you know is going to come. Chance Encounter By:
Ashley, Tyler, and Hannah How this relates to our society....
Today in society we don't often stop and look at our surroundings to see what we really have in front of us. In our area we often take for granted the sights we see everyday, but don't often take the time to look at. The poet explains that his experience is one he can't comprehend, he writes, "Bursting to tell someone about the great sight I've seen, yet not even sure why it should seem so important." The driver is feeling enlightened by the new experience, and that the opportunity to change another beings life was much more than just sitting around and waiting, but makes the driver want to influence and share the experience with another person.
"Bursting to tell someone..." the poetic device, hyperbole, is used to exaggerate the new found happiness the driver is feeling. The driver is not actually, "bursting", but feels that his new experience must be shared because his experience is one he has never felt before and can't contain it. "Bright as lightning," is a simile used to describe how frightening the light appears. By using the comparison to lightening, the poet is relating a common emotion of fear and awe we humans feel when we see lightening. The same emotions are used are felt by the calf about the head beams lights.
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