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Pros and Cons to having Cyber Bullying Laws

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Riley Weaver

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of Pros and Cons to having Cyber Bullying Laws

but, what you type will constantly be monitored..
if cyber bullying laws became real, it is still not guaranteed that cyber bullying would stop.
About Cyber Bullying
about 27% teenagers reported being victims of cyber bullying.
If laws were created to prevent cyber bullying, then every website, chatroom, etc. will have a monitor. You wont have any more privacy. You cant joke around with your friends, calling them names, because you might have to pay fines.
My Opinion
Personally, I think that it would dercrease the amount of damage that a cyber bully could do to the victim, but putting a law in action to ban bullying would not completely prevent bullying.
Forms of Cyber Bullying
Text Messages
Instant Messaging
Chat Rooms
Fake Profiles
Pros and Cons to having Cyber Bullying Laws
By Riley Weaver
Mean or hurtful comments posted online is the number one form of abuse.
Before 2005, only 15 states had laws about bullying. Since that year, the number of states with laws has more than tripled, yet the debate over the legitimacy and effectiveness of these laws persists. Should we have laws that pertain to antisocial—but not criminal—behaviors? Morality can’t be legislated, it’s often said. If bullying isn’t typically a crime, does it hurt or help to enact laws designed to reduce it? Does anyone want to throw every 11-year-old who spouts a mean remark into prison?
Do Bullying Laws Work?
Work Cited
Englander, Elizabeth. "Harvard Graduate School of Education." hepg.org. Harvard Education Publishing Group, 19 09 2013. Web. 8 Apr 2014.
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