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1960s Fashion

No description

Nicole Riva

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of 1960s Fashion

By: Nicole Rivadeneira 1960's Fashion, Clothing, and Hairstyles 1960's Hairstyles Bouffant Hair:
The bouffant was a formal big-hair up-style popular in the 1960s, was basically just hair arranged high on the head with tendrils falling down the sides. This style created an illusion of a longer, smaller face. 1960's Fashion Mod Fashion: (aka: Modern Fashion)
Mod Fashion was a slim fitting and featured bold geometric shapes.
Color was a key concern-- the conservative greys and browns.
The modern fashion was mass produced and affordable. 1960s Clothing Fashion Icons Twiggy:
Twiggy was a fashion icon for young girls.
She was a model that had a great sense of style. Video Pictures Bob Hairstyle Bouffant Hairstyle Flip Hair
The flip hairstyles became popular in the early and mid 1960s.
It was an elegant style that kept the hair out of the face.
The standard length was chin length to mid-neck length. There was volume at the top, and the hair was flipped backward. Flip Hairstyle Bob Hair:
Bob was really popular in 1960’s. There were many variations of bob hairstyles in 1960
The style was from fringed and pointed to long and sweeping and heavy or bulky short Mod Fashion The Mini Skirt:
The mini skirt was a synthetic white shift dress with a hem high, above ones knees.
One did not wear stockings, gloves or a hat.
It was considered scandalous, (meaning improper) and made headlines around the world.
However i was accepted. Mini Skirt Hippie Fashion Hippie Fashion:
The 1960's fashion comprised apparel that would probably appeal to the youth of today.
The baby boomers, also called the flower children, did not hesitate to flaunt flowers in there hair
Most hippies had body paint, body piercings and tattoo body art.
Guys wore long baggy pants while girls had long hair for the "free look." Gogo Boots:
In the 1960s, Gogo boots were originally created to be used as dancing boots.
Andre Courreges introduced the Go-Go boots to the fashion world.
They were white, low-heeled boots, rising a bit above the ankles.
One was to wear them with a mini skirt or dress. Gogo Boots www://youtube.com/watch?v=a1Bdaup1|Aw Twiggy Jackie Kennedy Jackie Kennedy:
Jackie was a well polished women.
She was very elegant with her own sense of style.
Her fashion attracted many of the older women.
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