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Zion National Park

No description

Timothy Corey

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of Zion National Park

Zion National Park, Utah
2. Angel's Landing. This is a strenuous hike part way up the West Rim trail, but you are rewarded with an amazing view.
Description of the Park
Utah national Park Tour Guide
Zion's National Park
Mr. Caswell's B2 Utah History Class
Location, and Map of Zion
Zion is located in the Southwest corner of Utah, near St. George.
History of Zion National Park
Angel's Landing, Zion Lodge,
and Towers of the Virgin are
only 3 of the many great things
to do in Zion.
White Men
In 1776 2 Catholic monks Sivestre Velez de Escalante, and Dominguez Escalante explored a small section of what would eventually be Zion. This was the first contact Europeans had with Zion. LDS pioneers used the area for timber in 1851. Isaac Behunin was the first person to live in Zion. Major John Wesley Powell came to explore Zion in 1872, and 2 well known photographers, James Fennemore, and John Hillers did a photographic project, in Zion during 1872-1873. People began to paint the Zion area, and it's beauty was published in magazines. The Zion canyon was declared a National monument by President Taft, and was called Mukuntuweap, which was the Paiutes name for the canyon. However it was only 5,840 acres. In 1916 the Park service was created, and Mukuntuweap was renamed Zion National Monument.
National Park
Zion National Monument was expanded from 5,280 acres to 76,800 acres in 1918, and made a National Park. The Zion Mt. Carmel Tunnel was built in 1928 to connect Bryce Canyon, The Grand Canyon, and Zion which increased tourism. The tunnel was announced as finished on the 4th of July, 1930. Many painters such as Howard Butler, and Maynard Dixon, came to capture Zion's beauty through art. The Kolob Canyon area was used by the Mormon pioneers was declared part of Zion National Park in 1956. In 1966 the Zion Lodge was burnt to the ground in a forest fire. They built a new building with haste which was restored in 1990 to look more like the original. In 2009 President Obama had 124,406 more acres added on to the Park, and that is the Zion we have today.
Ancient Indians
12,000 years ago Zion's first peoples, known as the Paleo indians hunted mammoth's and other extinct large mammals. These animals died out 8,000 years ago. The Paleo eventually evolved into the people known as the Virgin Anansazi who hunted modern animals, and gathered food.
The lower parts of Zion provided perfect conditions for farming. Crops grow best at 5,000-7,000 ft. in the Colorado Plateau, and the Virgin river could be used for irrigation. The Anasazi eventually moved south, and the Paiutes moved to Zion, and thrived.
A Paiute hunter.
The Virgin Anasazi, used
the red rock in Zion's
to create their cliff
Major John Wesley Powell
Silvestre Escalante, and Domiguez Escalante.
A painting of Zions
Mt. Carmel tunnel
Top 5 things to do
3. Kolob Canyon. This canyon has an amazing assortment of canyons, arches, and waterfalls
1. The Narrows. This is a hike through the Virgin River, and may require wading or even swimming.
4. The Zion Mt. Carmel Highway. A breathtaking scenic drive, with a 1 mile tunnel.
5. Zion lodge. This lodge provides provides shelter, and food for Zion's spectators.
Zion National Park, is a great way to explore Utah's wilderness. Very few things compare to it's huge red rock mountains, and slot canyons. Zion attracts visitors from around the world. As Utah's oldest national park, Zion gets 2-3 million visitors a year, and is the countries 3rd most visited national park.
Zion is has huge red rock plateaus and mountains. The Virgin River created Zion Canyon through erosion. The highest point in Zion is the summit of Horse Ranch Mountain, at 8,726 ft. The lowest point is the south Campground at 3,926 ft. In Zion there is a huge array of geographical features.
The 2 most popular things to do in Zion are hiking the Narrows and Angel's Landing.
Zion National Park has a huge population of different species of wildlife. Yellow warblers, wild turkeys, mexican spotted owls, peregrine falcons, fly catchers, and condors are only a few of the park's birds. Plateau lizards and red spotted toads scurry across the landscape, as rattlesnakes slither. Mule deer and rodents are preyed upon by gray foxes, ringtails, and cougars. Zion is home to an amazing array of wildlife.
The Narrows
The Narrows is literally a hike through a river. For this hike you will need special equipment and possibly wetsuits. This is a 16 mile hike through the rapids of the Virgin River. This is also flash flood country so be careful.
Zion lodge
Kolob Canyon
Angel's Landing
Angel's Landing is a strenuous 5 mile round trip hike to the sandstone mountain known as Angel's Landing. It is certainly not for beginners, and for the last 1/2 mile, you have to hold onto chains, to keep from falling. Several people have died on this hike.
Interesting Facts
1. Zion is Utah's oldest national park.
2. Zion used a crane to lower things into the canyon. The crane got struck by lightning several times, and rebuilt.
3. The olympic torch passed through Zion on it's way to the 2002 winter games.
4. Some of Zion's canyons are so well hidden that early surveyors missed some that were 20 miles long.
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