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Life as a Drop of Water By Charlotte Lindsey

No description

Charlotte Lindsey

on 6 November 2014

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Transcript of Life as a Drop of Water By Charlotte Lindsey

My Life
ello! my name is Droplet. I am a droplet of water. I'm also a liquid. let me tell about my life!
My Personality
I'm very outgoing and you can convince me to fit in any jar! I'm close friends with every drop of water that's in the cup. I'm a great friend to others and I love fitting into all shapes of jars like tall jars, small jars, wide jars and skinny small jars plus my friends and I will always cooperate whenever you pour us in a cup. We will take the shape of the jar, cup or bowl!
Evaporation Time!
I'm waiting in you're crystal clear glass. I watch excitedly as me and my friend are suddenly getting lifted up into the air. We're flying! But really we are just evaporating!
Life as a Drop of Water
Life as a Drop of Water
How I started!
Right Now!
When i was born i was just a water droplet that floated throughout the Colorado river. Then I was taken from my friends and family and filtered in big machines! I was so scared!
I'm so lucky that i didn't get spilled. Instead I ran through big pipes and ran through your water filter and now I'm in your glass talking and smiling with other water droplets and liquid .
Life as a Cloud
I wait as I'm lifted up into the air. Then a bunch of other water droplets fly right in to me. Soon more and more tiny droplets of water come. Now we are a white fluffy cloud waiting impatiently for rain fall. Soon it is sprinkling this is called condensation when water vapor turns in a cloud and then rains or snows. We fall slowly down back into a liquid then we freeze due to the December weather.
Life as a snowflake
Oh yay ! Look at me I'm so white and perfect I have a beautiful shape! I am the most beautiful snowflake ever. As I fall daintily down and down melting as I fell onto a soft branch I think about how I started of as a drop of water then a cloud and how I'm a snowflake now and that I will melt back into a liquid, and how it will happen to me for millions of years! I have been through all of the states of matter!

The End
I have been through the water cycle!
tich tocjj
Evaporation and Condensation
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