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Donald "Dax" Cowart

No description

Shayla Kulawiak

on 7 April 2011

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Transcript of Donald "Dax" Cowart

Donald "Dax" Cowart Before Active Duty Pilot in Air Force Reserve
Planned to become a Commercial Airline Pilot
Very Active Growing Up After So What Happened?!?! Propane Exlposion Severly Burned
Did NOT want to live because he was in such pain.
65% of his body was burned
Treated against his will Asked stranger for gun Thought he was going to die
Immense amount of pain Beginning Survey Do you think Dax
should be allowed
to die? or not? Do you think he should
be treated? or not treated? Informed Consent Competency Patient agrees to course of treatment
*Informed of possible consequences
To protect patients' rights to decide about treatment Implied or Expressed Consent Patient indicates acceptance of treatment by behavior
*Extension of arm for vaccination "I did not want to live even in the
early moments following the explosion"
- Donald Dax Cowart Forcibly treated for 14 months Never consented to treatment Why am I being ignored?! Doctorine of Informed Consent states:
Even in emergencies "a physician must
respect the refusal of treatment by a
patient who is capable of providing
consent." Were the Drs. Right? Physician determines if the patient
is medically competent A patient does not have to have brain damage to be determined medically incompetent Miller v Rhode Island Hospital Drs had no time to correctly evaluate his mentality upon arrival at the hospital His mothers wishes were listened to over his own What is competency?? What is Incapacity? Why was he competent? Why was he not competent? * 2 evaluations ruled him competent
* Quality of Life
* 20% survival rate
* 65% of body was burned
* Would still refuse treatment today
* Asked for gun at scene of accident
* In excruciating pain
* Attempted Suicide
* Mother had power of attorney
* Ruled incompetent by psychologist Unconscious or Demented? Durable power of attorney Incompetent if unable to... Pain control at the time was not good Myths about giving
narcotics and what
amount to give Kept lowering medication 1st Treatment: Hubbard Tank Second Treatment Uses scalpels, brushes etc to remove dead or infected tissue Sulfamylon - Topical Antibiotic * Almost Daily Tankings
* John Saley- Clorox Third Treatment Wet to Dry Bandages Treatment Today Life After the Accident * Became Lawyer
* Has his own practice
Is he fully functioning?! Final Survey Did the pain Dax went through affect his competency? Why do you feel he is competent? Incompetent? Did you change your opinion from the first survey? Autonomy vs. Beneficence
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