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Slope multi-media project

No description

Alexis Ahrman

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Slope multi-media project

How do you identify slope? You identify slope, by looking at the equation.
For example, you use Y=Mx+B to calculate it.

Y = M x + B This is Slope!!! You have now, learned all there is to know about slope(: By: Alexis Ahrman(: Slope, and how it works. How do you identify slope intercept? Y=Mx+B is all slope intercept contains.
All the variables mean diferent things, and this problem helps with many other things in the future. Here is what the variable consist of: How do i graph a line? This is Slope. the 'M' in the equation is Slope. You Calculate slope in a totally different way though. To find slope in a problem, you do this: Y2-Y1 / X2-X1 if you have coordinates, such as (5,6) and (9,-4) you have to use this method. 6 and -4 would be the Y2-Y1 part of the problem. 5 and 9 would be the X2 and X1 part of the problem. So all-in-all , the problem would look like: 6-(-4) / 5-9 . * This: 6-(-4) , also coverts to this: 6+4 * Slopes are definetly used in the real world. Rollercoasters for example, are very good examples of slope. The require lots of math, and the creators have to calculate the slope, so the know the velocity of the rollercoaster. This is why rollercoasters are so fun! Y = M x + B Y means the y coordinate in a set of coordinates. For example, in the set (9,-7) the y coordinate would be -7. The M in the equation is the slope. Well, if the Y in the equation means the y coordinate, the X in the equation must mean the X coordinate! So in the coordinate set (9,-7) the x would be 9. The B is the y-intercept. All this means is that this number is where the line intercepts the y axis. All you have to do in order to graph a line, is identify the y-intercept, and the slope in the problem. Those concepts will help a lot in graphing.
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