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The Other 8 Principles of Management by Henri Fayol

Included in the Evolution of Management Theories

Sarah Lee Catli

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of The Other 8 Principles of Management by Henri Fayol

by Henri Fayol The Big Idea about the 8 other Principles of Management Division of Work - this is the assignment of specialized jobs to various
departments and/or positions. Unity of Command - this means that employees should receive orders from one superior/manager only. Renumeration "Sprit De Corpse" - in "union their is strength". An extension of the principle of unit of command. It emphasizes the need for team work and the importance of comunication in obtaining it. Sample:
EGG Animation Company Authority and
Responsibility - sees the authority as the power or right
entrusted to make the work possible as
the duty or workl assigned to a particular position. Span of Control - refers to the specific and limited no. of subordinates that a manager can effectively hadle and control. It is also determined by the optimum level of effective supervision. Stability of Tenure - employee should be given enough time and a period to prove his worth to the company. This can be applied through probationary appointment. Centralization/
Decentralization - it the extent to which authority is concentrated. It is a system of mgmt., wherein major policies are made only by the top management. Sample:
GMA 7 Sample:
Far Eastern College - Cavite - and method of payment should be fair and afford the maximum possible satisfaction to employees and employer. Sometimes called compensation. "Equal pay for equal work." Sample:
SM Development Corp. Sample:
Game Club Company Sample:
Rustan Group of Companies (RGOC) Sample:
Company = National Book Store Sample:
R.A. Gapuz Review Center
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