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March 30, 2017 Job Search Tactics Webinar

No description

John Buckley

on 31 March 2017

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Transcript of March 30, 2017 Job Search Tactics Webinar

Job Search Tactics
a Prezi Webinar
Sponsor & Purpose
This webinar is sponsored by the
Charlotte Chapter of the Association of Corporate Counsel
It is free to chapter members, up to a maximum of 30 participants.
Non-members are accommodated on a space available basis.
The presentation is oriented toward in-house counsel, but is largely applicable to any salary or college graduate job seeker.
This presentation is meant to be valuable to professionals who are
unemployed, under-employed, uncomfortably employed, or unhappily employed
Every job search involves strategic decisions that are specific to the job-seeker, but job searches also involve tactics that are more generic and can be applied to make any job search more effective -
this presentation addresses these tactical steps
Subsequently, feel free to contact the presenter (jcbuckleyesq@gmail.com) to discuss tactics further or to address job-seeker specific strategies.
Some Different Perspectives on the Job Search Process
One perspective is that the Job Search Process consists of 4 steps:
Search Plan
Preparation of Search Materials
Search Implementation
These steps are repeated in a cycle
Cover Letters
State the Job for which you are applying and where you learned of it.
Show you meet
of the minimum qualifications.
Show what makes you the best, or even uniquely, qualified.
Enter text here
Enter text here
Enter text here
Enter text here
Enter text here
Enter text here
Enter text here
Enter text here
Enter text here
Dig your well before you're thirsty.
Know your industry specialists.
Example Job Ad
Following Recruiters
Avoid unique headings and stick to common resume headings like Summary, Work Experience, Education and Skills.
Avoid images, columns, tables, fields, text boxes and graphics that the ATS may not be able to read.
Avoid templates, which are a combination of fields and tables and can confuse ATS systems. Also, avoid page numbers.
Use Month and Year in your Dates; some ATS's will score you poorly for listing only years.
Avoid overly adjusted spacing and newsletter formatting.
Avoid lines or underlining words.
Use RELEVANT keywords from the Job Ad/Description.
Remove all NON-RELEVANT experience and skills. It's not just the presence of a skill, but also the concentration of that skill. Don't water it down with less relevant experiences.
Applicant Tracking Systems allow employers to manage large volumes of candidates who find it more and more easy to apply through online job ad systems .
ATS's attempt to sort the resumes of candidates, so employers can focus on the better qualified candidates.
Because the systems work well, they have proliferated.
Today, at least 93% of all Hiring Managers use some type of resume scanning software to filter candidates from the application pool. If you click a link to upload your resume, type your information, or answer questions, you are applying through an ATS.
When emailing a resume, all the ATS-friendly rules need not apply, but focus on job keywords and vernacular is still wise.
Ask for follow-up.
Blue signature, and P.S.
Paste the Ad into Properties "metadata"
ATS Friendly Resume
Arial Font; No Header; No Street Address; LinkedIn Address; Use of Numbers & $; Title, 12+yrs, BS, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Program Development, 20+ facilities, and RMP, Tier II, hazardous waste, Stormwater, DOT from Job Ad.
Company; Location; Title; Dates (Month & Year) in reverse Chronological order; No Page Number; 3-5 Bullets in a group.
Address gaps in employment directly.
Go back at least as many years as job ad, or 10 years, whichever is more, but don't go further unless really, really relevant.
Generally, don't list degree years if most recent more than 10 years ago, but if you list one, list them all.
Be opportunistically helpful.
Know your field specialists.
Know your geography specialists.
Message them when you go active.
Give logical reasons.
Give a time goal (e.g., end of 1st Q).
Follow on LinkedIn (see How To)
Apply and contact them directly if
they advertise on LinkedIn.
on LinkedIn
Whether your resume gets through the ATS, or through the hired Professional Recruiter, or comes to the HR Manager directly and makes it through their initial screen, before you get to move to the next stage, virtually
HR Managers will search for you on LinkedIn.
What will LinkedIn tell them?
Any photo, even a bad photo, increases at least 7-fold the chances of your profile being opened from a search result
If you don't have a LinkedIn profile, it doesn't mean you won't get the job, but it's a
big red flag
. If your profile is not current, or even robust, that can hurt you too. Here are ways to improve a poor profile.
There is a website: photofeeler.com that will help you select the photo that best represents what you want to convey on your profile.
After your photo, the headline is the most important text in your profile. Be thoughtful in your choice.
Do NOT let LinkedIn give you a default Headline.
Do NOT list your current employer in your Headline.
In-house Recruiters who are speed sensitive will search for unemployed candidates.
After Photo and Headline, Summary is the most important part of your profile. The search algorithm LinkedIn uses emphasizes words in the Summary over the same words in other areas of the Profile, so use Key Words in Context in your Summary. Premium LinkedIn will help you by making suggestions
Be careful in your selection of Location and Industry.
When the HR Manager emails or calls, get their name and email, send them a "human friendly" resume and invite them to connect on LinkedIn.
I don't recommend a Resume this "flashy" for most employers, but you can make an emailed resume look better than the ATS optimized resume.
The Golden Ticket
of job searching is having a relationship with the hiring manager.
The key word is "relationship" which doesn't mean getting introduced after the job has been advertised.
The Key is Networking into Growth Companies
Follow Many Companies on LinkedIn
Dig Your Well Before You're Thirsty
Effective networking takes time, so it's something you should begin immediately, and do continuously.
You should prepare and constantly update your passive profiles (LinkedIn, etc.) simultaneously, but secondarily to networking.
You should search online for jobs, preferably using job alerts to save time, but this should also take a back seat to networking efforts.
So how should you network?
The best networking begins by identifying growth companies in the industries and geography that interests you. LinkedIn used to provide a great free source for this information. Now it is difficult to access even for Premium users, so you will need to find other sources.
If you are interested in the Carolinas, I've started a LinkedIn group to help identify Companies that have a presence in the Carolinas and are growing. They may be headquartered elsewhere, and they may be hiring skills you lack, but if they are hiring in the Carolinas, they qualify for me to list them. The group is called Carolinas Growth Companies and you can request to join at https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12037975
Carolinas Growth Companies is a searchable Group.
To find companies headquartered in, or with a significant presence in, a Carolinas city, simply type that city name in the search bar.
To find companies of a certain size, use the LinkedIn Company size ranges: 10,001+, 5001-10,000, 1,001-5,000, 501-1,000, 201-500, 51-200, 11-50, 2-10.
To find companies of a certain industry search for that LinkedIn industry category, such as Utilities, or Oil & Energy, or Staffing and Recruiting.
Local Business Journals are a great resource for identifying companies that are growing. If you are job searching you should be a regular reader of business journals in the geographic area of your search.
Company Pages give descriptions, website addresses, any LinkedIn advertised jobs, and your connections within the company.
When you meet with someone face to face, they will know you want a job, and they know they don't have one to give you. That will make them uncomfortable and defensive - they don't want to tell you "no." You need to
put them at ease. Say something like:
"I met with a career adviser and he told me that, to find a good long-term fit, I should learn about the market for my skills before I start formally looking for a job. He said I should learn about the industries and companies that employ people with my skills, so I was hoping you could share knowledge about your industry and the companies you know. Of course, I'm mainly interested in companies that are doing well and that you admire or respect."
Provide contacts you meet with a "Draft Marketing Plan" that includes on the top half (1) your contact information, (2) a list of your skills, and (3) job titles you would be interested in . On the bottom half, list the 50 companies, in column/categories.
Develop a list of at least 50 companies that you group into categories of 10-12. Constantly update this list by deleting companies that you are less interested in (they are not growing) and adding companies that you learn are growing that interest you.
Go through the list with everyone you meet, striking and adding companies based on what you learn.
Ask everyone how they know the the information they share. They may identify resources you would like to investigate directly. Many times they will mention they know someone at the company. If they don't volunteer it, you should ask. You want every meeting to result in 3 new contacts.
If you are currently employed, and don't want your job searching to get back to your employer, you need to be more coy about your networking. However, you still want to accomplish the same goal: identify people in companies that are growing in your target geography and choice industries.
Employed job seekers also have difficulty meeting for coffee at any time. So it is imperative that you not waste a single lunch. Never eat alone - seldom eat with co-workers.
Any tips for Interviewing?
Grooming and attire should be conservative
Arrive early, but not too early
Prepare for common questions
Be aware of Body Language
Be your better self.
Any tips for networking at conferences, events, and job fairs?
Get some business cards with your name, personal email and personal cell phone number.
Check out Vistaprint.com
Networking Events
1. Set a realistic goal.
This is event specific, but generally modest (but numerical) goals work better
2. Be approachable and approach correctly.
Make eye contact, and acknowledge with a small head nod
Open body language - stand facing a group - arms wide, not closed
Look for others facing the larger group, especially pairs not facing each other directly
3. Small talk.
Know that No One is Good With Names
Keep the Focus on Your Conversation Partner
Make Connections and Give Compliments
Be Interested
Plan some current topics
Besides LinkedIn, what are the online resources I should be using?
1. Regional Business Journals/News Sources
For example, Charlotte Business Journal
2. Professional Group Sites / Directories
For example, Association of Corporate Counsel (Member Directory & Member to Member)
Public License Directories (Professional Engineers, Attorneys, etc.)
3. General Job Search Sites
Individual company "Talent Network" databases
ACC Website Resources
Chapter Events are great networking opportunities
Events are regular and varied
Find a member
Advanced Member Search and Restrictions
Most complete In-house Counsel Job Ad Source
Tools to make job search easier:
Job Save
Resume Uploads
After selecting the "Closest" option, enter the Zipcode and the jobs will be ordered by distance from the zipcode
Alternately, you can search by one or multiple jurisdictions
Jurisdiction and other advanced searches can be set up as Job Alerts
Check the size of your Resume files!
65kb should be plenty
200kb files represent less than 3% of resumes
This is a positive example where the person being Followed "Likes" the job post of another Recruiter
Be sure to click "Send as Message" and the type the name of the person you are forwarding to, and write them a message
Be Passively Accessible (see How To)
For some other perspectives I recommend:
Go to the Jobs Section of LinkedIn
Complete List of Titles
Good Profile Photos:
LinkedIn Requires that You Use an Image that is Your Likeness
LinkedIn Requires Head-shots
Look Directly into the Camera, eyes visible
No Partial Faces
Keep Hands Away from Face
Dress Appropriately (not too casual or too revealing)
No Other People, Pets, Animals, Equipment in the photo
Logos are not Head-shots
No Background Distractions
No Actual or Implied Alcohol
Problem Profile Pics
Job Search Tactics Webinar
Dial in: 800-430-0714
Code: 55-33-247#
There is no need to announce yourself if you want to keep your search confidential
The Process Varies Depending on Your Situation:
Uncomfortably Employed
Unhappily Employed
Unhappily Employed
Don't like your Boss
No Advancement
Need to Search in Secret
Transfer Inside Employer
Uncomfortably Employed
Company is being acquired
Company is failing
Not Fully Utilizing Skills
Not Full-time
Not "Permanent"
Limits on Job Search Time
Just out of School
Broadcast Availability
Further Education
How to Follow Recruiters
Recruiters often 'like' each others job ads
Click on "Likes" to see if any Recruiters listed
If the Recruiter has Articles or other Activity, you can simply click on +Follow
Alternatively click on the 3 dots for a menu
Click on +Follow in the menu
The menu will reflect the change
Going forward if you open the Recruiter's profile, it will reflect that you are Following them
Click on Share
Be aware that a background photo that looks great in the side banner on your feed, may be less attractive in your profile on a phone, and even less attractive on a laptop
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