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Enterprise Student Systems 2013 Goals

Enterprise Student Systems 2013 Goals

Aaron Neal

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of Enterprise Student Systems 2013 Goals

Enterprise Student Systems Learning Management
Systems Goal #1

Aid in assessment of next generation LMS, portfolio, and other learning tools by gathering requirements, partnering with other technology teams, and testing the waters by writing prototypical tools and utilizing pilot APIs. (EP 68 & 70a) What LMS has the highest market share? Goal #2

Upgrade Oncourse to the Sakai 2.9 release by Q2 2013. As a part of the upgrade process, reduce the ongoing maintenance costs by eliminating 50% of the IU customizations to the Sakai community’s codebase and build process (excluding Samigo and Gradebook). This will be accomplished by (1) eliminating non critical customizations, (2) extracting remaining Oncourse specific customizations that need to remain in a separate module and (3) by contributing the remaining customizations back to the Sakai community throughout 2013. (EP 68) Goal #3

Increase performance test script bank by 50% to ensure a smooth start for the Fall 2013 semester in tandem with building a "smoke test" suite of functional test scripts that can be utilized in a continuous integration environment to support rapid testing of subsequent releases. (EP 30) Student Financials and Decision Support Services Goal #1

Complete Admissions Streamlining project as a part of the Student Services Initiative (SSI) to include additional integration between SIS and OnBase with optical character recognition (OCR) of student transcript data, expanded attribute updates to PeopleSoft and address verification within eApp by Q3 2013. (EP 7 & EP 32) Goal #2

Implement Financial Literacy initiatives to provide students with better education around student loans and the calculation of more accurate loan amounts by Q3 2013. Initiatives includes integration with a 3rd party vendor to manage mandatory financial education requirements as well as programming to more accurately calculate expected loan amounts (EP45) Last academic year, IU students who received loans, received what average loan amount? a. $4,500 b. $8,500 b. $12,000 In the past 5 years the State of Indiana Budgeted Appropriations to IU has a. Increased 6% b. Stayed the same c. Decreased 3% d. Decreased 6% In the same 5 years, the IU official budget has: a. Increased 4% b. Increased by 14% c. Increased by 24% Goal #3

Continue efforts to dimensionally model DSS SIS/HR data in support of the BI initiative with the goal of modeling data specific to the FLAGS project by Q3 2013 (EP 13) Student Records and Self Service Systems Goal #1

Implement integration with the Education Advisory Board Student Success Collaborative and a new Advising Records system in support of the university’s FLAGS (Fostering Learning Achievement and Graduation Success) project by Q2 2013. (EP 45) Student Financials and Decision Support Services

Julie Parmenter Student Records and Self Service Systems

Sandy Thompson Learning Management Systems

Megan May Who are we? What you didn't know! Match the little known fact with the ESS team member Was offered a job to work
for the CIA Secretly would like to be a
team mascot Was offered an opportunity to be
an air traffic controller and IRS tax collector
in the same week Loves to sing karaoke even if he/she doesn’t know the words to half the songs Megan May Aaron Neal Julie Parmenter Aaron Neal Julie Parmenter Sandy Thompson Goal #2

Implement Course Search, Class Search, Student Planner and Academic Advising Report in a new student portal in support of the university’s Academic Roadmap project by Q2 2013. (EP 45) Goal #3

Participate as a contributor in the development activities of the Kuali Student project and leverage our investment by implementing at least one Kuali Student module by Q4 2013. (EP 70) What does FLAGS stand for? Fostering Learning Achievement and Graduation Success What is the 6 year graduation rate for the BL and IN campuses (2005 cohort)? Bloomington IUPUI a. 91% b. 80% c. 72% a. 76% b. 50% c. 41% d. 54% d. 33% What does AAR stand for? Academic Advising Report According to the Education Advisory Boards analysis of 21 state flagship universities, what percent of student attrition happens in year 1 vs. years 2 through 6? a. 40% in year 1, 60% in years 2 through 6 b. 50% in year 1, 50% in years 2 through 6 c. 80% in year 1, 20% in years 2 through 6 Questions?
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