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(2) WWI - The Fighting Starts (19.1.2)

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Tom (Backup) Manzo (2)

on 6 August 2015

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Transcript of (2) WWI - The Fighting Starts (19.1.2)

WWI - TRench warfare
Trench Warfare Conditions
Both the Allies (good) and the Central Powers(bad) had a system of trenches

What was it like?
Uncomfortable -
it was only wide enough for two people to pass
NO shelter from the elements -
rain would constantly flood the trenches

No room
to exercise to keep yourself warm
Disease ridden -
the most famous being trench fever - fever, soars, nausea
Usually armies would move far distances forwards or backwards (depenidng on if they were winning of losing, but in Trench Warfare, these armies were at a stalemate.
They fought for yards (literally) instead of long distances
Shclieffen Plan
Warfare begins in 1914
Considering all of the facts do you feel that America should join the war in Europe? Why or why not?
If you had to pick one of the four reasons for the beginning of WWI, which would you choose and why do you feel it is the most important/influential reason for war?
You are a soldier in the German Army, tell me what your war conditions are like. (Where do you fight? What are the problems?)
If America goes into the war, what are some of the potential issues that can come about, other than the possible death toll?
Why is Germany's geography considered a disadvantage in their military plan?
Effects of Trench Warfare
First Battle: 60,000 British were killed
Warfare reached a new scale in terms of death toll
"Silent Night" - soldiers halt fighting on Christmas to mingle, exchange souvenirs and even play futbol
Germany's strategy - Schlieffen Plan: Hold off Russia, defeat France and then defeat Russia
This caused Germany to go straight through Belgium (To get into France) causing many refugees to flee the country
In France, each army tried to flank (or try not to attack head on) the other army, but failed. This resulted in a system of
Both sides - each dug long systems of trenches since they couldn't outflank eachother
Trench warfare - symbol of WWI
Machine Gun
Heavy Artillery
German Troops
French Troops
Consider Question:
1. Why didn't Germany plan to go through Switzerland?
Trench Warfare: Bet you didn't know
Find a partner, brainstorm answers and present.
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