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Abe Lincoln

No description

Mr. Stack

on 9 March 2016

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Transcript of Abe Lincoln

Abe's Childhood
Abe's childhood was very hard. Although he did not have much formal education, Abe loved to read. Unfortunately, Abraham Lincoln's mom had died of "milk sickness" in October 5, 1818.
Abe read a great variety of books. In fact, he loved to read so much, he would travel miles to borrow a novel. Some books he read were
Robinson Crusoe, Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography
, and much more.
Wood chopping
Once Abe's father (Thomas Lincoln) taught Abe to chop wood, Abe felled trees at the same rate as three men. He chopped wood to make rails, and the rails were used to make fences.
Abraham Lincoln
By:Jeremy Mao
A Representative From New Salem
Abraham Lincoln also ran for the Illinois legislature. He was in New Salem when he ran for legislature. He was very interested in politics. He talked about politics with the folks of New Salem.
In Debt
Abe actually had a debt he had to pay in New Salem. He became involved with a number of financial deals with his partner, William Berry. Their partnership failed, and they were both in a heavy debt. William later died, so Abe was in a even greater debt.
The Sixteenth President
On November 6, 1860 Abraham Lincoln finally became the president that you know of. Unfortunately, he was just elected president at the brink of the Civil War. Once the U.S was fully engaged in war, he wrote the Proclamation of Emancipation, which was a proclamation to rescue all the slaves of the south. It really started to take action after the war.
Abraham Lincoln had many great speeches, but the most famous he brought forth is probably the Gettysburg Address. It was presented in November 19, 1863. It was perhaps one of the most greatest speeches on Earth, but also one of the shortest! It was so short, Abe wrote it on the way to Gettysburg!

Book:Abraham Lincoln
Series:Encyclopedia of Presidents
Author:Jim Hargrove
Copyright Date:September, 1991

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