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Ted kaczynski

No description

Summer Madkour

on 11 June 2014

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Transcript of Ted kaczynski

Nature of the crimes.
Made home made bombs and mailed them to the targets.
His goal was to take down the smart people for example scientists and grad students.
The time span between each bomb was irregular. he would send bombs a year apart or 2 months apart.
His targets were chosen because they where the ones who allowed society to progress.
He sent bombs to 26 people. Of those 26 -3 were killed, 23 were injured
His MO was mailing the bombs and his signature was the wood that he put into the bombs.
Precursors and Childhood cont.
There were precursors.
During his childhood, there were a few problems. He took medication , which caused a allergic reaction. He had to recover in the hospital and he was isolated for sometime. For that time, there was evidence of a personality change. Although it wasn't very noticable. This worsen after his baby brother came along.
He also showed lack of empathy.
Theodore John Kaczynski

Full Name and Nickname
Ted is still alive with no parole
He is 72 years old
Incarcerated in Colorado
Ted kaczynski
The Serial killer Project
Maria Rojas
After 18 years of looking for Ted, he was arrested on April 13, 1996
He got caught in his cabin that was outside Montana and when he was found it seemed as if he couldn't find him self.
He was turned in by his family.
He was a disorganized serial bomber, His cabin was all sloppy and unkempt.
This is created By......
Summer Madkour
Adult life
Mental Disorders...
He graduated high school when he was only 16 years old!

When he got older, he went to Harvard University and got a Phd in Mathematics.
He then became a teacher at the University of California.

He never got married and he
never had children.
He was a loner.
He was diagnosed with NPD
Narcissistic Personality Disorder.
(They either feel great and powerful or they feel they don't have no importance.)
He felt that he was brighter than his peers.
He also had paranoid schizophrenia
(They lose touch with reality and they have delusions and hear things that aren't real.)
Ted never received any treatment.
Ted was capable of trial.
Was charged with terrorism
Sentenced to life in prison
Ted was diagnosed with NPD which made him feel like he was powerful and great better than everyone.
He never got treatment.
His Childhood
Ted was born on May 22nd 1942 in Chicago. In school he was very bright but not very social. in the fifth grade he found out he had an IQ of 167.
He then got skipped to 7th grade.

Teds father - Richard Kaczynski - committed suicide due to the pain his cancer caused.
Teds mother ,Wanda Kaczynski, took care of him.
both of his parents had no history of mental illnesses.

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"His brain was tricking him into believing he was somebody vitally important to the course of history."
Ted was verbally and emotionally abused at home
At school he was verbally abused and teased.
(Most serial killers are abused ,in some way, at home and at school. They don't get any love or care from anywhere.)
Common Denominators
When Ted got older he began to question his sexuality. He would have fantasies about being a woman and he wanted to have a sex change.
( Many Serial Killers have fantasies about things)
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