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Working With advisors

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Transcript of Working With advisors

Student Activities & Engagement
Marketing & Communications
Creating Branded Marchandise
Working With advisors
Claire DePalma
Student Services Assistant
Laura Hobson
Assistant Director, Student Activities
Tiffany Gabrielson
Assistant Director, Student Activities
Who We Are
As a part of the Student Life Office, our mission is to promote meaningful student engagement that enables students to undertake transformative leadership opportunities in a low-risk environment.  To deepen the GSB experience and empower learning beyond the classroom by:

- Providing opportunities and resources for student involvement
- Being approachable and high touch
- Being experts in policy and process to minimize hurdles
- Creating a space for student leaders to reflect and offer feedback

What WE DO
What We Help With
We connect you with relevant advisors across the GSB and Stanford
Navigating policy and process
We are experts in GSB and Stanford-wide policies with respect to Student Activities
Guidance in planning and executing great events
We are here to help you with your club events, both big and small
Leadership training
We offer trainings and workshops to help you maximize your time as a leader
Group & Team Dynamics
We are here to help when your team faces interpersonal challenges
Pointing you in the right direction
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