Ideas Matter Contest

Note: This contest has ended. Check out the results and winning prezis.

Create and submit a prezi inspired by one of the popular TED Talks below for a chance to be chosen by the Curator of TED and the CEO of Prezi, featured on the TED blog, and shared with the TED speaker whose talk inspired your winning prezi.

Choose a TED Talk as the starting point for a prezi that you design

TED Talks are driven by ideas, and so are prezis. Audiences are inspired by presentations that focus on big ideas with the potential to spread, inspire others, and change the world. When ideas are visual, they are even more memorable.

This is where Prezi comes in. Our invitation to you: Make a prezi that embodies the key messages of your chosen TED Talk and explains them in a unique way.

Your prezi will be judged on the following criteria

Creativity Does the prezi reflect a truly creative effort? Is the prezi unique and beautiful?

Clarity Is the message and format of the prezi clear, understandable, and accessible to a broad audience?

Incorporation of TED Talk Does the prezi clearly follow, and even illuminate, the speaker’s theme and message?

Ten finalists will compete for the grand prize

How are the finalists chosen and what will you get?

A panel of Prezi judges will choose our favorite prezi for each talk. Additionally, Prezi’s users and social communities will vote on their favorite prezi for each talk. We encourage you to share the contest with your networks to receive the most votes! All ten finalists will receive a lifetime Prezi Pro license.

Get out the vote! Tweet #ideasmatter.

What is the grand prize?

One lucky winner, chosen by TED Curator Chris Anderson and Prezi CEO Peter Arvai, will have their prezi featured on the TED blog, promoted on social media, and shared with the TED speaker who inspired their prezi.

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Deadline to enter is Monday, February 18, 2013, 11:59 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.

Prezi is hiring! We’re looking for presentation designers, so check out our jobs page and see if you might be the right fit.